Hype CityMiami Art Week2017 Edition

We’ve gathered loads of events and organized them into four categories – fairs, exhibits, special projects, and parties. Navigate the guide by category, click around, bookmark it for later, and tell your friends about our sweet guide! They will thank you.


Interviewing Damson

Story. Not rumor. Not innuendo. Not gossip. Not chatter. But story. story upon which myths are made and fables are created. A story fit for an oracle. Deep, dark, dreamy narratives, handed down by sages, through the ages.


Local and Vocal:Mel Bryant

The times they are a changin’. And so is the stage for conscious music and creativity. Local musician Mel Bryant is emblematic of this reality. Singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, Bryant’s musical trilogy reminds listeners what a good sonic recipe sounds like. For starters, it packs a powerful punch.


GoingGoing Gone!

What do Brit badboy Banksy and Chilean master Modernist Roberto Matta have in common? How ‘bout Cuban cross-culturalist Wifredo Lam and French lensman Henri Cartier-Bresson? Or the irrefutably-recognized Colombian Fernando Botero and Italian Transavanguardian Sandro Chia? These collosal visualists, along…

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Dare Yourself

It’s the oldest instrument ever. (40,000 years plus) It’s been written about by the Sumerians and Confucius, in The Bible and The Epic of Gilgamesh. It’s played by ancient Greek myths (Pan), Indian gods (Krishna) and British rockstars (Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson). And it may well be the cognitive link between Neandertals and modern humans.

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The Other Top 10Albums of 2016

2016 was a horrible year in countless ways, but somehow musically was not one of them. A few artists were crafting some of the coolest music to come out in recent memory – amidst a backdrop of political and social strife, faraway warfare and domestic hate atrocities, and a lot of shitty top 40 hits.