#CoronaChroniclesLuna Pallazzolo


Photo by Sharif Slimting




Tough situations can bring opportunity. As an artist myself I know this to be true. Artists are innovators. We want to do a painting but have no brush, we pick up a stick. To all the artists out there, keep your eyes open. Keep your spirit strong. We need you and we need each other.

One of the ways here at Tropicult we are showing up for our community is by sharing stories of Miami locals in this new series called Corona Chronicles. Hopefully, through this sharing process, we can read about each other and realize that a lot of us are going through the same things right now. So even though we are physically separated, we are still connected.

In this edition of the series, we’re checking in with local artist Luna Pallazzolo. Luna is an Argentina born multidisciplinary artist who has been based in Miami since 2012. Her work is about exploring the depths of perception through the manipulation of colors, lights, shapes and dimensions. She aims to challenge each individual’s relationship to her work by taking away any representational sign of time and space. Read the interview with her below.

How has corona changed your daily schedule?

The situation with this pandemic has momentarily canceled social events and exhibitions as well as studio time in the hopes to reduce the chances of spreading this virus. I am focusing on creating work at home and taking care of other matters that are equally important.

What’s one positive thing you see as a part of this?

The order to quarantine has opened up a lot of channels for the community online. Museums are giving gallery tours for free, there’s online exhibits, help groups, pledges being made, resources to provide help that show that the arts are necessary in a human beings life.

What Miami based organization(s) have been doing good things during this time?

From what I have seen Oolite arts has been taking care of the community as much as possible.

What can we learn from this situation as a community?

As a result of this situation I think it’s become clear to more people the importance of voting, your rights to certain basic necessities like health insurance and the country being prepared for something of this nature. The magnitude of the environmental issue we are facing is also becoming clear to more people, along with respect for all workers including minimum wage salaries and those that work without benefits.

To learn more about Luna follow her on Instagram @lunapalazzolo