3 Reasons WhyIt Feels GoodTo Go BAD

Who doesn’t love a little – or a lot – of good old-fashioned Booty Music, also known as “Miami Bass.” Last weekend I enjoyed it for freezy in the Broadway Arts District (BAD). Unbeknownst to many every Sunday neighbors and families come together at the corner of NW 62nd and 18th ave in the Broadway Arts District (BAD).

At least once a month the local artists are showing up. It’s the perfect mix of non-organization combined with common intentions that are creating a unique experience. Artists are spontaneously performing, live painting and lots of mingling. Que moi. The event is called Cultural Night Out. On paper, it kicks off at 2:30 pm.

Insider tip: Show up late.

In addition to the two reasons mentioned above (booty music, and free) here are three more why you need to go BAD:

1. The Food

Some of the spiciest Jerk Chicken I’ve ever tasted is served by The Ultimate BBQ Grill & Seafood Specialists. Operated by 2 Miami locals for decades, you can catch them in BAD during the event. Chicken Souse, a traditional Bahamian dish, and all types of Conch are also available at other food stands.

2. The Culture

Culture at it’s finest. This past week DJ Boss Lady, Da Block Entertainment, DJ Talk Shit, and Big Boy Entertainment played well into the evening hours, and local music performers like lyricists @coolpeeple305 and rapper @hottwheelz305 mingled with fans. Sculptures by local artists have been propped up, along with a boxing ring.

3. The Vibe

Miami love. Community Program Coordinator Joe “AfroAboriginal” Martinez II, is working with the various groups to organize Cultural Night Out, plus beautify and clean up the area. He partners with the city, county, and property owners who he says have all been supportive. While no one who comes out gets paid to attend, Martinez is using the natural dynamics of the neighborhood and creativity to “activate, and enhance the community” that already exists. In other words, the vibe is good ya’ll.


You’re next chance to be BAD is Saturday, April 21st. Follow @thisishowitcanbe on Instagram for updates!