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Originally published on August 17, 2017, by Justin Wills


Let’s not act like this title is a surprise. Coffee is my life and I’m not afraid to admit it, as I currently sip on an almond latte. For me it’s more than just the added benefits of extra energy; I love the taste of it along with the artistry that goes into each cup.  Over the years, coffee culture has grown into this enormous powerhouse where cafes are really honing in on customer experience over just speed. For me what usually makes a good coffee shop is a delicious cup. What makes a great coffee shop is the atmosphere and people. So, here are some worth checking out in Miami as well as what to expect.

1. All Day

If you follow me on IG, which you really should, then you already know I’m an All Day fan girl simply because it’s SO SO GOOD. Along with being one of the most aesthetically pleasing shops I’ve had the pleasure of going into, they also serve one of my favorite meals all day: Breakfast.


Downtown Miami

What to Get:

Drink: Get their Thai iced coffee, cold brew or my personal favorite: Iced latte (w/ almond milk).

Food: Avocado Toast with quinoa and/or French Toast made with tres leches batter.

Expect: ($$)

 You know when areas are being gentrified there’s one side of the street that is safer than the other? All Day is on the safer side.  Just sit and appreciate the beauty of the shop. Bring a friend for great conversations while soaking up the sun or your laptop to get some work done.

*Fun fact: they make their own almond milk

2. Panther Coffee


I’ve been super late to the game but, I had a good excuse: I was living in a different city. But, I’ve finally gotten around to try this place and it’s amazing. I skip out on the Wynwood location as it has become a little too cool for me. Plus, my utter enjoyment of Sunday strolls with coffee in-hand is best carried out at the more chilled Coconut Grove location.


Coconut Grove

What to Get:

Drink: Nitro cold brew, latte with macadamia milk, or an iced tea

Food: Grab a pastry; my favorite is the almond croissant.

Expect: ($)

It’s Coconut Grove so expect to parallel park (if you can’t get to the garage) and grab your order to go. Walk around and enjoy the close by marina or shops. If you’re not up for the walk you can sit amongst the chilled out Panther crowd and get some work done or chat up a barista.

3. Dr. Smood

Their motto is smart food for a good mood, so you can get their healthy vibe just from that alone. Their shop is also quite beautiful with the nicest staff.



South Miami

What to Get:

Latte (w/ Cashew Milk). I prefer mine iced with a little palm sweetener. Can we just take a second to talk about cashew milk, it is truly life changing.

Expect: ($$/ $$$)

Ultra-healthy. This is where you go if you’ve been on a health kick and want to keep it that way. Enjoy in-house and skip bringing your laptop as it’s quite hard to get much work done with such an exciting playlist so bring a friend or walk around South Miami.

4. Roots (Juicebar)



What to Get:

Drink: Latte (w/almond milk), smoothie or try their cold brew!

Food: This is where you go for those classic acai or oats bowls. Order their zoodles for something savory or dragon fruit bowl to switch things up.

Their coffee is surprisingly great for a shop concentrated mostly on healthy foods and according to their barista, they roast their own beans! Which is super cool.



 Expect: ($)

It may be packed if you go during prime breakfast and lunch hours but, if you go during off hours  you can casually enjoy your meal here, unbothered. Great to just relax after a nice work out.

*Fun fact: They are vegan friendly




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