Drumstick.Drum Stick.

Thanksgiving Edition


Grab your knife, fork and most forgiving “stretchy” pants and prepare that gullet for some Drumstick. Drum Stick.  During this month’s issue, I talk donuts and Chipotle with Diego Monasterios, drummer of the Jacuzzi Boys. The three member group, known for their psychedelic sound reminiscent of The Nuggets. The boys are fresh off tour, just dropped a new album”Ping Pong” with the release show to happen Novemeber 19th at Churchills.

Gobble Gobble! Tryptophan Vibes Only…

1. If JB went on a crime spree and sentenced to death what would their last meal consist of and what albums would you pair with your meal?  

That would be sad but I’d probably have my mama cook me something yummy before I go away.

2. What is the craziest thing that’s happened to you guys on tour? Or most memorable moments?
Our friend/tour manager got hog tied in his undies because the cops thought he was stealing our van. He was just sleeping in it. He was very upset at us and we had to make it up to him even though we didn’t do anything.
3. So the first time I heard Glazin I envisioned myself in some odd sexual fantasy with glazed donuts…if the song was dedicated to any donut what type would it be and why? 

Probably a glazed doughnut, but I love the all chocolate cakey ones.

4. What are you guys currently jamming to? What does your tour bus soundtrack consist of? 

Lot’s of Too $hort on repeat because our friend/tour manager really enjoys his music and we do too.
5. Tell us about touring…places you love be to eat or anything you want to share?
We eat lot’s of Chipotle because our friend/tour manager says the ingredients are “good for you,” and we believe him so I get excited to visit 50 new chipotles.

Make sure to check out the Jacuzzi Boys on Facebook or their website Jacuzziboys.com for shows, singles and cool merch.