The Getaway Tour:Red HotChili Pepperstake Miami

Known for outrageously energetic performances, quirky stage antics, and powerhouse frequencies, the Chili Peppers at the American Airlines Arena was literally on fire!

The Peppers always put on a good show, but lets not forget who started it. Baby Metal, the opening band, dazzled the night with cutesy smiles, powerful drums and an insane performance. They definitely brought a death metal mixed with a Japanese goth Lolita vibe. One thing few noticed, was that the face-painted backing band members were actually, the Peppers themselves. It was an exciting opener before the familiar sound of RHCP. It was an especially cute moment when they walked off stage waving baby devil horns to the crowd.

My heart dropped as Flea took the stage, bass in hand, walking to the center. The RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS were officially killing it at the AAA. Set up like an EDM concert at Hogwarts’ Great Hall, the lighting was amazing! The columns of light, shook and dove with the vibrations from Josh’s guitar, the newest member of RHCP. Not only were the vibrations good, the stage presence was on point. Those guys didn’t stop moving for a second, and the crowd loved it. The drummer, Will Ferrell look-alike, Chad Smith was laying down mad heat, while looking like a lit flame himself, dressed top down in red.

The band wasn’t the only mix of new and old, with the set list covering almost two decades of hits. From new hits like Dark Necessities to classics like Californication. This was my first time watching the band live and it’s clear that their sound is timeless.