TropiCanna:Mystery Purple Weed

[Strain Review]

When the Phunktographer and I did that photo shoot for the Bubba Kush strain review, we also shot a nug of some “mystery purple weed” supplied by a dealer in Miami-Dade. The leaves were long-ish and the buds were sort of loose indicating a sativa appearance, but the buzz was more relaxed than a sativa. Without a clue as to what it could be we just kept smoking – and I almost thought we smoked too much. I didn’t have a nug for my ritualistic sit-down, sober-to-high, honest opinion of a strain. It was my responsibility and I fucked up. Oops.

At least I thought I did. About a week ago I found a misplaced jar and in it was one last nug of the extra-purple, unknown strain. I set time aside from my busy schedule of smoking other weed and sitting down in a chair, and committed to doing a proper review. Now it’s time to throw down.

Tropicanna_June IMG_6662

Strain: Mystery Purple Weed

As previously stated the person who gave us this specimen did not have a strain name. He mumbled something about “some really purple kush,” but Purple Kush the strain bared little resemblance to what we had here. It didn’t smell “kushy,” and had some physical similarities to a haze. My first guess was that this was some sativa-dominant haze relative grown in cold weather.


As seen here, the bud was a deep purple. The longer and looser calyx structure harkened to hazy sativas I’d seen. It appeared to be pretty well taken care of as far as manicure went. I would have considered it top shelf in the visual department were it not for some subtle, general rough features that got me thinking it could be a very well done outdoor effort. When we busted it open, there was a shower of trichomes. This stuff was definitely not bunk.

Tropicanna_June IMG_6661


Here’s where I really fucked up. The look and the buzz of this stuff were unaffected as far as I can tell but the smell and taste? After being in a jar for a few too many months with various other nuggets, it smelled and tasted kind of like…nothing. It smelled and tasted generally like weed but there were no specific flavors to be picked out. Going on memory though, the smell and taste of this stuff was just ‘ok.’ From what I recall it did not turn me off for any reason but there’s nothing that stands out in my mind about this having been some particularly “loud” herb.


Some unexpected effects were my favorite part of this cannabis. The flighty, uplifting haze feeling I had come to expect were nowhere to be found. Instead I got a real middle-ground, hybrid feeling from this stuff. It was great to sit down and relax but it never once caused me to fall asleep before I was naturally tired. Purple Kush usually puts me down, and hazes usually pep me up. Neither happened so my speculation proved false. Either the phenotype was rare or I was completely off the mark.

One thing is for sure: it felt great. Purple weed is commonly touted for its painkilling effects and this stuff backed up that notion. Any aches and pains I had disappeared immediately and all my stress eased up in a matter of minutes. Either it’s placebo effect or the purple stuff really does soothe my body. A lazy euphoria blanketed me as well. All I wanted to do was read a Richard Dawkins book, watch documentaries, and ponder the universe. This stuff got me really, really high.

Tropicanna_June IMG_6668

Overall Grade: A-

I think A- is a good grade for this stuff. The slightly rugged appearance almost made me drop it to a B+, but I would have needed some justification in the smell or taste department as well. As stated earlier I royally fucked up in the aroma/flavor department, so that coupled with the fact it got me joyously baked kept this in the A- range.

In a place like Miami where weed is still illegal, sometimes you’re not quite sure what you’re getting. Your dealer may call it one thing and it turns out to be another – or your dealer may call it nothing at all. That’s why it is important to know the basics in being able to tell good quality weed from shit quality weed. 

This mystery purple stuff was some good quality weed.

Thank you so much for reading our latest TropiCanna strain review! There is plenty more cannabis content to come, touching upon advice, recipes, health, and some support in favor of legalizing medical cannabis in Florida in 2016! Emma Jane, signing off. 

Photos by the Punktographer