Zakk Wylde

Live Acoustic Rock

If you know anything about music, rock-n-roll to be exact, then Zakk Wylde is a name you know. This past weekend, Zakk performed an acoustic set to a sold out crowd at The Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale. His popularity is so large, that the venue was turning away dozens who walked up and thought they had a chance to get in. To say that Zakk has a following is an understatement. His fans are loyal and the demographic is boundless and vast. His imposing bad-ass look, bound in leather and denim and his horde of Black Label Society followers, make him a legend in rock music.

Getting his start at 19 and spending the better part of 2 decades with Ozzy Osbourne has earned him one hell of a reputation. A typical BLS show is loud, fast, rocking and involves Zakk ripping on one of his guitars while his head and long hair do a windmill like you’ve never seen before. This was a different night though. It was unplugged for the most part (acoustic guitars plugged into amps) two boxes to sit on, 2 mics, and a piano with a mic. It was music at its purest.

With the help of one BLS other guitarists Dario, Zakk split time between the guitar and back behind the piano. Zakk is by far one of the most talented and emotional singer, songwriters I’ve had the privilege of watching perform. The typical loud fast paced guitar driven songs took on a more ethereal tone, and the crowd was just as mesmerized. He is a big man, a family man and a religious man.

In my opinion, Zakk is one of the most talented singers, songwriters & multi-instrumentalists you will ever see perform. Catch him this spring with the Experience Hendrix tour, or catch him on a rock cruise, or with Black Label Society, just catch him live. \m/\m/ Always support live music!!!