9 ReasonsHoliday Season In MiamiIs the Best

When it comes to celebrating the holidays in Miami, we do things juuuust a little differently from the rest of the country. We trade pine trees for palm trees. Our melting pot of cultures produces some of the best cuisines around, and our Christmas Eve (*cough* Noche Buena *cough*) parties are LEGENDARY. These are just some of the things that make Miami a truly MAGICAL place to be in December:

That Weather Tho

While the rest of the country is suffering through frigid temperatures, we here in the 305 are basking (both literally and figuratively) in the glow of crisp 80-degree weather. Bienvenidos a Miami, indeed!

Image courtesy of @AreaCodeFoodie


Taking Our Talents to South Beach 

We’re all about substituting snow for sand in Miami. And what better place to do it than SoBe? So whether you’re all about that sun’s out, buns out life or prefer to marvel at some of the area’s historic Art Deco buildings, South Beach is absolutely where it’s at.

Noshing at Pollo Tropical 

Need a holiday party catered? Need to grab a quick bite when you’re prancing from one Secret Santa gift exchange to the other? Gotta get Pollo. They’ve got everything – chicken, pork, black beans, yuca. The staples of any true Miami holiday feast. Cause the chicken sandwiches of some restaurants are fads, but the bold flavors of Pollo are forever.

Warming Up with Hot Chocolate & Churros 

Yes, Miami boasts some of the best holiday weather around, but for those three days out of the year where it dips below 60 degrees, you just gotta get your hot chocolate and churros fix. We recommend going all out for the occasion, too. Busting out your bulkiest ugly scarf (switch it up from sweaters) and splitting the treat with friends, that’s a lot of sugar.

Sippin’ on Coquito 

Next to reggaeton, this is one of our fave things to come out of Puerto Rico. It’s like the Hispanic version of eggnog, but with a healthy helping of rum. And if you ask us, that makes it 100x better. It’s really not a Miami holiday without it, so get your hands on some.. pronto!

Epic Noche Buena Parties 

Instead of chestnuts, we roast lechon on an open fire. We don’t drink eggnog, you already know we sip on coquito. And our playlist is a little more Jose Feliciano and a little less Mariah Carey. Our parties are more than just family gatherings, they’re full-blown EVENTS.

Singing Along to Mi Burrito Sabanero 

The holiday season isn’t in full, frenzied swing until Power 96 starts playing the Mi Burrito Sabanero Remix on repeat. Cause who doesn’t want to learn the story of Jesus’ birth through a childlike song with a rump-shaking hip-hop breakdown?

Those Decked Out Decorations 

Lawns littered with flamingos dressed as Santa. Palm trees with TONS of lights. Nightmare- inducing plastic reindeer. These are just some of the indicators that the holiday season has arrived in South Florida. We take decorating SUPER seriously and pay a hefty (electricity) price for it, too.

Catch Me at Santa’s Enchanted Forest. How ‘Bout That? 

Games, shows, food, nativities! It’s truly a right of passage to visit this holiday-themed carnival as a child or teen in the 305. With lights that stay up all year and a primo location on Bird Road, Santa’s Enchanted Forest is a holiday staple for most (if not all) Miamians.

By: Lourdes Duarte