Tropicanna Goes to WynwoodNlighten Yourself withNlite

By Ian Pimentel 

Nlite sits right in the heart of our favorite neighborhood. You can’t miss the alluring sleepy-eyed muraled storefront done by our boy, Ahol. Step inside and walk into a “culture” surrounded by friendly staff, oddities, premium streetwear, and unique smoking accessories.

You’re immediately greeted by their knowledgeable and warm staff, but also mind blown by their custom glass pieces and cool weird shit that you’d never see anywhere else.


The store isn’t just for adults, it’s for everyone to experience.

Once you’re in, you’ll see a unique array of novelty items, rare cereals, and rapper themed snacks – there’s even one with Cardi B’s face on it okkurrr!

Japanese sodas, yellow smiley basketballs, and even a tent with a big ass smiley face on it for the whole fuckin fam to camp in. How do you feel about eating ice cream that’s made for astronauts (or stoners) when they’re lost in space? Sounds pretty out of this world right?!


Nlite is a smoke shop with curiosities, but more so, it’s a culture that revolves around streetwear, which is another thing you’ll immediately see when you walk in. They carry premium brands from Stussy, Supreme, HUF, and Bape to Italian and Japanese clothing that can be only found exclusively at Nlite. If Nlite were a person, they’d be a hypebeast smoking L’s with the kings and queens of the rap game.


When it comes to the average Wynwood smoke shop, I’d say that walking into Nlite and seeing their inventory for the first time is like no other. I picked up what looked like a gem-encrusted fossil bong, which was practically a work of art more than a piece.

A lot of the smoking pieces are collector items made by glass blowers from the good ol’ U.S of A. Rick n Morty pieces, Mother’s Day bouquet bongs, BDSM bubblers, and a bunch of other crazy ass pieces. Not everything in the store is exclusively premium because, like me, I still like to crack a dutch down the middle and stuff it with kush. And yass bitch, they also officially carry JUUL pods for those that love to vape off USBs (just kidding). There’s something for everyone whether you’re a vape bro or a stoner gurrl.

Nlite carries the top CBD flower used to aid pain, anxiety, or seizures. They got CBD infused drinks, gummies, and oil to take the edge off all the anxiety of getting pulled over by the City of Miami popos.


Miami is no doubt experiencing a “Green Rush” during this new era of decrim. Here to hand out those “picks” and “shovels” is marijuana enthusiast and streetwear connoisseur, Grant Holloway, the owner of Nlite.

I was able to shoot the shit with Grant for a bit and learned about the vision of Nlite. He wants to bridge the local community through Nlite as a portal for local artists to express their creativity. Whether it be musically, artistically, or socially at their upcoming pop-up concert series.

Him and his crew of swagged out stoners deliver that fire customer service and dopeboy fresh knowledge that we expect from a smokeshop. “Infinite satisfaction”, as it reads outside their door, is how I felt walkin’ out. And having an N “lit” time is what you’ll have walkin’ in!

Nlite |  2345 NW 2nd Ave | Follow