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It may come as no surprise that well known Miami born and raised Nikki Bravo can detect the types of certain coffees with a simple sniff test but did you know that the tattoo she has on her back is a poem from her husbands writing, and she got it before they were even dating!? Bravo has organized and curated experiences in Miami for over a decade. Bringing together artists, and providing the space for countless memories to be made.  As we count down the days she has left in the Magic City, we’ve got some facts and photos for you to enjoy!

She’s quite the chef! One of her first jobs was working at popular Miami restaurant Andiamo. Today she loves to experiment with new recipes, and one of her specialties is cauliflower pizza. She also believes that kids should spend time in the kitchen with their parents and has made an effort to teach her own daughter to be chef savvy from an early age.

Photos courtesy of Nikki Bravo Instagram

She still has the desire to write. Even though you won’t see her on stage Bravo is a poet. She just hasn’t felt the necessity or inspiration to write recently because of all the happiness in her life, and her usual form of writing involved working through traumatic experiences which thankfully have been few and far between lately.

But – she has thought about merging her love for writing and cooking together by putting out a book of recipes with her daughter!

She has not watched Game of Thrones. Even though people have recommended it to her. When Nikki tunes in she’s watching The Walking Dead, or catching up on episodes of Jane the Virgin. In addition to her passion for Daryl, Nikki has a huge love for our oceans. Seeing what is happening to them is “hurting her” she said. She has also been vocal with her opinions on the incarceration of immigrant children who are brought here by their families who simply want a “better life.”

Even with over a decade of experience under her belt, Bravo, who is relocating to Oregon with her family, still gets nervous before every Words & Wine event. The weekly gathering that features live performances from local and out of town artists and bands will continue after her move. Join the community in celebrating Nikki everyone is invited to the big going away bash this Wednesday at Las Rosas. Enjoy photos from previous Words & Wine events featuring locals, and Nikki with other people from the community!

@veronicaherrera at Words & Wine 2017

@bri53 at Words & Wine 2015

@lovesugarfish + Words & Wine

@gardenwynwood + Words & Wine



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