Behind The Music:The Music:VIX

By Sara Britto

Vicky Morales, a girl who understands the need of empowering the ones she loves around her wouldn’t be able to do this without VIX, her alter ego. VIX enables Vicky to take the form of an extravagant, sensual, confident, sensitive person.

VIX Vicky Morales

Personally, as I get to understand this character I believe we all have a “VIX” in each of us, the ego that allows us to realize our worth in the difficult times. VIX expresses herself through love songs with a jazz infused funky twist. “Being raised in Miami created the artist I am becoming. But there comes a time for some of us to take a step towards our destiny and my first step was moving to Atlanta.” Said Vix.

In the middle of a global pandemic VIX decided to relocate her life to work hand in hand with her producer Ricky Ramirez in Atlanta GA. Together they have lifted VIX from a bedroom artist to a growing star in the suburbs of Atlanta. “It hasn’t been easy, in the beginning I slept in my car and had the same change of clothes for days.”

VIX Miami Artist

“The struggle of being an upcoming artist is real and it can take a toll on many. But we endure this because we know where we want to be and why”, she explains. VIX has her first EP called VIXVOL1 and a music video that will be produced in New York with talented creative directors Bryan Berrios and Fernando Osorio. Her debut album is scheduled to be released in October.

She is in the middle of promoting her Go Fund Me which will help allocate the costs for these expenses and much more.

As a local magazine, we are advocates for local support! She took time off from implementing her strategy to talk with me. Read the interview below.

Why did you begin to write music?

When it comes to really intimate things about my life at the moment or in general, its really hard for me to speak about it with just anyone. So, instead of getting so inside my head, I started to write things down and eventually write poetry about it. It really helped soothe my anxieties and put things into perspective.

What do you miss about Miami?

THE BEACH. Omg, I miss the beach. I miss my apartment on the beach. I miss seeing the beautiful Miami skyline on the I -195 to and from the beach. Also, being able to walk everywhere. I miss Lagniappe. I miss 1306. I miss Floyd.

Tell us more about your upcoming EP.

This ones an introduction to me finding my sound and myself as an artist. You’ll hear lots of funk, 80’s synths, jazz, a little bit of pop..HORNS!! Each track is different, though. In sound and in lyrics. Green has a lot of “wah”, Rainbow sex has a lot of color, and Slow Burn has a lot of truth, lyrically.

What inspires you?

People’s lives. My life. Life itself. Love! Passion! Emotions really inspire me. They are what’s real and whats raw.. I crave authenticity in every area of my life. So, I usually write about personal moments that some people may be too ashamed to talk about. (Which is ok!)

How has your journey in Atlanta treating you?

Well, for one, Atlanta is gorgeous!! The people are so nice. It’s been so great. My anxiety has definitely enhanced, but I think it’s normal when you move from one state to another. Kinda like when I moved from Salt Lake to Miami. Overall beautiful yet challenging.

How would you describe your sound?

You know, that’s a hard one. I’m still trying to find that out. I really love Queen! I’ve been so into dissecting their music lately and its inspired a lot of what is coming, but I’ll definitely be sticking to jazzy blues as well. I guess it’ll just be me.

How is the ATL industry different from Miami?

Honestly, still figuring that out. I guess the market here is what is truly different. Atlanta, like Miami, has a lot of “big name” corporations in film and music. The difference is Miami has more of a latino/a (reggeaton, pop, rock) market vs here it’s more R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop etc. Even Jazz. I could be wrong though. Still learning more everyday.

What challenges in your life have you overcome and how?

Lots of personal ones. I’ve been very vocal about my struggle with Panic Disorder. It has gotten, and still does, in the way of my daily activities. But, I try to just be as present as possible by walking my dog a lot, and I talk to him a lot. (I know, I sound crazy, lol.) Also, free writing and reading helps a lot too.

What have been your greatest successes or fondest memories of your career so far?

Learning!! I didn’t choose the “going to school” route. So, learning from so many different musicians and people in my life has been the best. I’ve created the best memories with them as well. During shows, beaching, creating, and living that Miami lifestyle!! I think the funnest one was in the studio recording ICY. That was such a dope moment!! Big shout out to Ai university, Ricky Ramirez, Sebastian Holmes, Justin Godbolt, Sebastian Guerrero, Tony Armas, Keanu Reedz, Andrew Amengor, Javier Merida, Genesis Goncalves, Sara Britto, Rob Holecheck, and Jheryl Hill. They all made ICY possible. Also, shout out to my ex cause if it wasn’t for our ice-cold-tumultuous relationship, that song wouldn’t exist.

Support independent artists such as VIX. Listen to her single ICY which is streaming on all platforms, follow her on Instagram @vixmusic and contribute to her Go Fund Me.

Credits: Photographer: @missinsense Hair: @braidaid Producer: @ricky.aiff Music Manager: @saraabritto