Surprise Chef at Zen Zone Miami Spurs Cooking Competition

For the non-foodie readers, Goldenmilk is as delicious as it sounds. Made up of different roots and spices warmed and blended with your favorite milk. It boasts immune-boosting elements, is creamy, and just a touch sweet. You can usually find it on the menu of hipster cafes and coffee shops, but it’s super easy to make at home too!


Quite a while ago I found the lovely Susie in my home and somehow we started talking about Goldenmilk. I had tried it but never made it. When she explained to me the different ingredients I realized I had all of those in raw format in my garden, and also in powder form in my cupboard.

We had some time on our hands and decided it was of the utmost importance to do an unbiased Goldenmilk recipe competition!

WHICH WOULD COME OUT ON TOP!? The raw natural ingredients or the powdered cupboard version?!


  • Milk (of your choosing) I usually drink the fattiest organic cow milk available so that is what we used, but you can easily substitute coconut, oat, almond, soy etc.
  • Tumeric
  • Cinnamon
  • You can also add a touch of pepper and honey, which we did.

Of course we streamed the entire thing on my Instagram, and took photos. The key to deciphering which was the true most delicious, raw or regular, was making sure that the test was done blindly.

Miami socialite and Conscious Entrepreneur Nelsy Rivas and Creative Designer Yakira Valerio happened to be hanging around so they happily obliged to participate in the taste test as well.

After tasting both recipes with our eyes closed, we guessed which one we thought was the all natural version, and voted for the better tasting.

Nelsy and Yakira both guess which goldenmilk was made with the powder,  and all three of us voted the garden sourced ingredient version better tasting! It was a fun experiment and totally worth learning how to make goldenmilk at home. It’s extremely tasty by itself, or in coffee. Give it a try!