DONUTSfest: Miami's Only Donut Festival

As Ultra’s strobe lights dim and the vexing clatter of tiki-tiki fades into the month of March, April’s gift to apathetic locals is DONUTSfest; the holey f*cking grail of festivals. This sugar orgy celebrates the most coveted of desserts, the donut. It’s pretty much Willie Wonka and Homer Simpson’s love child; gluttonous AF.

This year’s lineup is even more rousing than the last, with a larger space at Maps Backlot to house even more perfectly rotund, gluten-bombs. Shops like Circus Eats, Jupiter Donuts, Helen & Meyers and Mojo Donuts [2016 DONUTSfest Champion] will be present doing God’s work!

Entry to the festival on March 30th, gets you unlimited donut samples from South Florida’s top artisanal bakeries and (2) craft beers to wash it all down. If you’re a donut-head that knows no bounds, opt for the VIP tickets which allows access to a sponsored open bar. For the more conscious of connoisseurs, there are healthier offerings with companies like Crave Clean, who offer low-carb, protein based donuts. 

Fortunately, I ain’t got no type. Come Hang!

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