House of CreativeMusic Festival2017Highlights

The wind tickled our cheeks with gentle breezes. The Historic Virginia Beach Park set the stage for us to dance the darkness down with the stars themselves! This year at the House of Creatives Music Festival, Tropicult had the pleasure of sharing the weekend with talented voices and rhythms that still have us rocking days later.

With unforgettable performances from Caveman, Washed Out, Who Made Who?, Metronomy, Alt-J, Salt Cathedral, and MGMT who wouldn’t be stuck in constant replay of the weekend? Virginia Beach was illuminated with brilliant light shows, delicious food, and colorful people. All of the things that give South Florida its flavor, and charm.

Wonder and treats awaited all who wandered the sandy terrain. From delicious burgers that had us salivating for seconds at Supreme Burger, to delectable desserts from Mr. PB&J.

One could take a walk and find themselves under the ambiance of a dimly lit chandelier cradled by treetops, or enchanted by local vendors and their displays. Wherever you found your feet carrying you, the rhythm flowed like a river through your ears, and there was enough to please all the senses, including curiosity.

Mystifying performances, memorable tastes and smells, and best yet, people of different walks of life united once more by the power of music! It seems most of our lives are experienced through memories, and House of Creatives gave us plenty to take with us! Stay groovy, my friends.