Candleboxwith State to Stateand Whole Damn Mess

When you think of Seattle from the 90’s, you think grunge (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Mother Love Bone, etc…), but if you grew up in that era, you were also a fan of Candlebox. Hitting the road for theirIf you didn’t have that ‘grunge’ sound, it was tough to get radio play and an audience, but Candlebox did. At a time when “heavy metal” or “glam rock” met an almost overnight musical execution, Candlebox was one of the bands to find a spot in the musical rebirth. While they were more rock-n-roll then grunge, lead singer Kevin Martin with his screaming yet melodic vocals were able to grow a fan base and keep it going now some 25+ years later. I’ve seen Kevin perform as a solo artist and with Candlebox, I’ve also met him and he is one of the nicest and coolest guys in the business. He enjoys what he does and he appreciates every single minute.

This past Saturday night was no exception. With two opening acts performing, LA-based State to State as well as, Whole Damn Mess (WDM) w/ (Tampa’s own Don Miggs on vocals) Miggs is a true musician and vocalist in every sense of the word. His lyrics and energy on stage elevate the environment in any club to a party type level. WDM opened the show in support of their freshman album, ‘The Queen and the Outcast’, which Miggs describes as a 12-year love affair with his wife. Their set was fast and fun, and the sold-out crowd at the Culture Room was really into it. The band has a great chemistry and truly enjoyed playing together. It didn’t hurt that Kevin from Candlebox joined WDM on stage for a song. Great band, with a great sound.

State to State was hand-picked to join the Florida leg of the tour by Kevin himself. Now I know why, with some hints of (U2, Radiohead, Interpol), their atmospheric alternative rock sound had the audience engaged. I personally really dug this band. A great sound, give them a listen on Spotify, their latest single is ‘Get Away’. If State to State heads back this way, go check out their show.

Candlebox does what they do best, rock the fuck out! It was a set packed with in your face rock-n-roll all night. With their most notable hits ‘You’ and ‘Far Behind’, which helped them gain multi-platinum status back in the day, they never let off of the throttle the entire set. With 25 years of musical history to go off of, Kevin and the band leave it all out on stage.

The interaction with the fans, which is filled with your middle-aged power drinkers, and your millennial hipsters, all seemed to lose themselves in the music.

Kevin has always been one of those lead singers that have to have all eyes on him, and never gives you a reason not to. The Culture Room was sold out, and maybe a little over, which is a testament to Kevin and his band, that people are starving for good music. This is Rock-N-Roll at its purest and finest. Check Kevin out as he hits the road solo and acoustic in the coming months.

‘always support live music’