ProductHuntingin Miami

What do you get if you combine Instagram likes, Yelp reviews, and pair them with the coolest new products? You get Product Hunt, and it’s here in Miami in full effect. Natalie Bartlett, Associate at General Catalyst describes Product Hunt as “a place where journalists, investors, and members of the tech community spend time discovering and discussing new products.”

While the platform is relatively new in the Miami scene, having an active Product Hunt network is imperative to the success of our tech community. Pitch nights, where product hunters come together, network and share feedback are held on a regular basis. Complimentary beverages included 🍻.

How do I become a Product Hunter in Miami?

1. Create a profile for yourself on Product Hunt

2. UpVote products you like on the platform 3 days in a row. A great way to do this is going to my page and upvote a product that I have hunted. Upvoting products I’ve hunted directly benefits the Miami Tech and Miami Product Hunt community.

3. Follow Miami Product Hunt on Instagram or Twitter to stay updated!

Have questions? Email: [email protected]Got a hot 🔥  fire product for us to hunt? Fill out this form.

Upcoming Event

Thursday, March 29 2018

Enjoy “Pitch and Sips” hosted at Venture Cafe Miami. This month we’re featuring some amazing products built right here in Miami!

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