Mekronium atKryptonite 13

By Marcelo Salup

Not many can say that they have sat front row at a concert in a huge arena, but I doubt even the ones that have would say that it beats the experience that went down a few weeks ago at Churchills pub.

The basics: Kryptonite Metal Festival’s 13th year was held at Churchill’s Pub on Saturday, February 15th. Organized by Oski Gonzalez, Yader Moreno and Kristine Buckley (Queen of the Scene).

Now the fun part: Mekronium –who hardly played at all last year—was in top shape. In Joe (Moreira)’s words: I now have the band I always wanted to have.

It is easy to think of Mekronium as a “shock band” or a “Marylin Manson” look-alike. But that is a shallow way of looking at them. Shock they do of course. In this latest performance, Joe broke three fluorescent tubes and one bottle on his ear. But for the fans, there is a very personal connection which I hope you can see in the pictures below. Come out for their next performance, but beware. If you’re there, you might wind up getting hit with blood, sweat and glass.