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A little-known fact is that the first Art Basel Miami was slated for 2001, but was delayed by a year due to the tragic events of 9/11. Because of that, the fair made its premiere appearance in the city the following year in 2002 and has been delighting locals and tourists alike ever since. For this edition of #behindbasel we get the perspective of a local who has been here to see it all unfold; Carolina Tannhauser.

Carolina is an “art aficionado and long-time Basel hopper”. A humble woman and a self-proclaimed “millennial”. I’ve had the pleasure of baseling with her on several occasions and it is always a delight. She is fun, smart, and genuine. She adds good energy to every environment she walks through, is very knowledgeable about art in general making her an excellent date to experience the season with.

“I am a Miami native, and here to stay.


Tell us about your first Art Basel.

I attended Basel for the first time 6 years ago and went all around the Wynwood area when you could still feel the real danger in it. The excitement and the thrill of combining Miami’s darkest streets, and simultaneously it’s most colorful interiors, was too much to resist. At the time, many artists were secretly living in the warehouse districts when they weren’t supposed to. The underground parties were amazing and the artists felt like the real deal, starving, gritty, and not commercial. It was so exciting!

“Before it used to mean a hidden maze around the city looking for unknown gems and jewels. Be it a party or art show. Now it still means that, except its gotten so incredibly popular that the main maze you’re trying to get around is traffic.”

How would you describe your taste in art?

My favorite types of art range from the abstract, modern, and I appreciate sculptures a lot. Photography is not really my thing unless its a classic like Helmut Newton. I also hope to see more tech integrated into art. I find that futuristic art captures my attention most these days.

Give us all the details for this year.

I used to be all about the parties. But for the past few years, my attention has definitely shifted more towards the art.  I can’t miss the convention center. Also Red Dot, Scope, and the other pop up tents in the same area. The Miami art scene can be described as the weirdest most colorful and entertaining combination of people ever. “All walks of life.” It really takes on a new meaning when you’re Baseling. If you’re thinking about what to wear consider “all black, all day, every day.” You can’t go wrong with a classic look. I’m more interested to see what others will be wearing instead. Every year I see some wonderful and strange fashionistas that visit Miami from all over the world.

“The Miami Art Scene is the most abstract and most interesting scene I’ve ever been in and I’ve traveled pretty much everywhere.”

Sketch by Carolina

What are your tips to survive the week?

1: Try to get an Airbnb or hotel as close as you can to the heart of Wynwood.

2: Uber rides may take longer than expected, + traffic. Leave to your venue with plenty of time in advance as you might wind up getting there late.

3: Don’t forget super comfortable shoes for art or party hopping because you’re going be on your feet for a long time.

4: Pack snacks if you can.

5: Buy your tickets in advance. Sometimes you can get a deal by attending more than one art fair since paying at the door for each one can be more expensive.

You can bet Carolina will be out and about this year mingling with the locals. She loves discovering new places, hidden gems, cool art, and unknown parties. Know somewhere she needs to be? Connect with her on Instagram.


December 2 - December 2 2018

Brunch bites, bubblies and art. Experiences include Laundromat Art Space group show, plus more! 12 total galleries!   Including:   Emerson Dorsch 5900 NW 2nd Ave Miami, FL 33127 305.576.1278 [email protected] emersondorsch.com On View: Paradise Summit Miami: A group show at Emerson Dorsch   Fountainhead Studios 7338 NW Miami Ct Miami, FL 33150 305.776.8198 [email protected] fountainheadresidency.com/the-space/ On View: Stephen Arboite, Ana Batlle, Claudia Calle, Eduardo DaRosa, Julie Davidow, Elaine Defibaugh, Nereida Garcia-Ferraz, Don Lambert, Rachel Lee, Bibiana Martinez, PJ Mills, Mateo Nava, Lori Nozick, Alex Nunez, Vickie Pierre, Sri Prahba, Emanuel Ribas, David Rohn, Santiago Rubino, Karen Starosta, Sara Stites, Erni Vales, Juana Valdes   Gallery Wendi Norris 6391 NW 2nd Ave Miami, FL 33150 415.346.7812 [email protected] gallerywendinorris.com On View: Ana Teresa Fernández: Of Bodies and Borders   Laundromat Art Space 5900 NE 2nd Ave Miami, FL 33137 305.766.6635 [email protected] laundromatartspace.com On View: Jay Bellicchi, Pablo Contrisciani, Marina Gonella, Juan Henriquez, David McCauley, Andres Martinez, Christin Paige Minnotte, Lily Noches, Reginald O’Neal, Luna Palazzolo, Erin Parish, Ronald Sanchez, Lisu Vega

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