BrazilianFilm Festival2019

Humans have been telling stories since the beginning of time. Even when looking at ancient cave wall drawings, they, like movies were a medium for expressing the mind and transmitting culture. As a native of Brazil, I’m delighted with the opportunity of experiencing my own culture through the big screen at the 23rd Brazilian Film Festival of Miami.

As the founder and CEO of BioSacred™ our work shines light into the subconscious mind and movies do that for a whole culture and its people. It creates an opportunity for us to experience someone’ else point of view. It is the most direct reflection of the human subconscious coming out to play. Mythology of the now in action. Films tell a story and create myths. Or  some might say the movie creates the myths to tell the story. The always important question “does the world imitate the art, or does the art imitate the world?”

Brazil is the largest country in both South America and Latin America. With over 208 million people, Brazil is the world’s fifth-largest country by area and the fifth most populous. Surely the films coming out of this country, will be reflecting some interesting art about our world today.

Come out with me as I check out the movies competing in the largest and most significant film festival held outside of Brazil, from September 14th to 21st. Say hi if you see me in the screen room. I truly hope you will enjoy getting to know some more about the nuances of my beautiful and colorful Brazilian culture.

Produced by Inffinito, the films I picked below will be competing for the Crystal Lens award. A full list of all movies competing and showing can be found here.


VENICE (Veneza)

By Miguel Falabella

Wednesday September 18th @ 9:30 PM, Regal Cinema South Beach – Winner of Best Supporting Actress and Best Art Direction at Gramado Film Festival. Not yet released in Brazil.


Gringa, is a sick and bling brothel owner  living in the countryside of Brazil. Her only wish is to go to Venice in search of the forgiveness and closure that can only come in the figure of a lost love she abandoned years before. A circus crew gathers to help her to fulfill her last wish.

I feel this is a story about love, time and redemption sprinkled with the imaginative and magical circus life. Perfect for Miami film lovers.

GOLDEN MOUTH (Boca de Ouro)

By Daniel Filho

Friday September 20th @ 9:30 PM, Regal Cinema South Beach – This is the latest work by the well known director. – TICKETS

“Boca de Ouro” tells the story of this almost mythological figure of Madureira (a neighborhood in the city of Rio de Janeiro – Brazil). Taking place during the 60’s, this film is a remake of the original. Boca de Ouro was a feared and respected mob boss.  His bigger than life style peaks the curiosity of a journalist, who goes after an ex-lover to gather information and material to write a story about Boca’s life.

Again another film that promises to bring us closer to the intriguing, scary and yet fascinating shadow side of our society. With Filho as the director, this film is much anticipated and not to be missed.



By Leonardo Domingues

Thursday September 19th @ 9:30 PM, Regal Cinema South Beach – TICKETS

We all know life as being cyclical, but for Simonal it was a spectacular rise as much as it was a hard fall. Based on the true story of how he went from being known as a musical phenomenon to a people’s traitor after accusations swirled around him saying he had become a spy for the dictatorship. Even though it was never proven, it shows the power of public opinion. I’m looking forward to this documentary especially considering the current global political landscape.


By Flavia Castro
Thursday September 19th @ 7:00 PM, Regal Cinema South Beach – TICKETS

This movie gives us a chance to visit post-dictature times through the raw eyes and emotions of a teenage girl that emigrates back to Brazil from Paris. The year is 1979. The main character Joana finds herself dragged into the political and social storm of the country and is forced to confront the disappearance of her father that happened many years before.

Every time I hear about the dictatorship in Brazil, it seems that we are talking about a different country to me. My relationship with my country is so light and free.

HEAD OVER HEELS 3 (De Pernas por Ar 3)

By Julia Rezande

Wednesday September 18th @ 7:00 PM, Regal Cinema South Beach – TICKETS

After the great success of her Sexy Delicia franchise, Alice believes she is ready to conquer the world. Now out and about visiting different countries she finds herself without time to take care of her family. Alice’s husband João Paulo is who takes over the family.

Based on the Head over heels 1 and 2 movies I am expecting a light family comedy.  A nice change of pace from the rest of the lineup.



Saturday, September 21st @ 11:00pm

After Party @ Hyde Beach at SLS Hotel

1701 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139


Saturday, September 22nd @ 5:00pm

Farewell Pool Party and the screening of A Journey Thru Rio’s Street Parades @ Nautilus by Arlo

1825 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139



Thursday, September 19th @ 11:30AM, Nautilus by Arlo – MORE INFORMATION

1825 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Presentation by Monica Sufar, entertainment business consultant for the American Latin market, and onstage conversations with leaders from Brazil’s film industry.

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By AnaCristina De Sa