The HarlemDream

Photos by Jonathan De Camps. Words by Elena Bollette


Having so many lovers
(means none)
doing too many shit
(means none)
traveling so many times
(means none)
enjoying my money
(means none)

So what’s happening with the Harlem dream?
I would be feeling some revolt
like shit shit shit
hate to be a woman
hate the changes
hate the guns
love the guns


Jonathan De Camps is a freelance photographer and filmmaker based in Miami, Florida. He has been awarded the FEAST Miami (Funding Emerging Arts with Sustainable Tactics) award, and he is a 2017 Knight Arts Champions recipient. Jonathan has nurtured his lifelong interest in narrative imagery in films, paintings, and photography continues to work with stories through documentary photography and filmmaking about immigrant communities, social justice reform and urban lifestyles. These photos were selected from a group of photographs taken at the Black Women March in Miami, FL, September 2017. Support the important work Jonathan does of documenting social justice movements by contributing to his Paypal.

Elena Bollette is a 26-year-old typographer and writer from Belgium. She has been telling stories since she was seven. She enjoys traveling and meeting different people, listening to their stories. She graduated as a typographer and a graphic designer from the Art and Visual School La Cambre, Brussels. She uses typography (text & font design) as a tool to highlight writing expression and give it a shape. She believes writing is not only perceived as words but as a whole product, and uses different mediums like photography, video or interviews to tell a story.

She can be connect with her via Instagram.