Award winning Photojournalist Jonathan De Camps shares photographs from the Miami Beach December Slut Walk. Put together by the activist nonprofit group The Sound, people gathered to take a stand against sexual assault and raise awareness on the violence that sex workers are subjected to. See photos on


Photographs Of AMovementGeorge Floyd Protests

These images document the peaceful George Floyd protests in Miami.

There was very little rioting in Miami in the daytime before curfew; the protests were aggressive, high energy yet respectful. Protestors gave the police a respectful amount of space and surprisingly the police did the same. Everyone wore masks, protestors were providing hand sanitizer, and water, while marching for hours all over Downtown Miami, I-95, and Biscayne Blvd at a frantic pace. Each protest lasted past randomly established curfews in Miami-Dade.

These images are not of riots but of a peaceful protest after the death of George Floyd whose murder was the straw that broke the camel’s back across the world and has prompted a call to end US police brutality.

Shot by Rod Deal.


The HarlemDream

Stunning black and white, never before published photographs of the September 2017 Black Women March shot by Miami based, award-winning photographer Jonathan De Camps are paired with powerful words by Belgian beauty and Tropi favorite Elena BolletteClick to read and view.


Hearts of Iron:Emperor Zero

Emperor Zero combines their roots and Manchester influences in a whirlwind of guitar brilliance, creating a well-crafted post-punk sound that is powerful, potent and strong as iron.


Vintage Trouble:The Godfathers of Rock-N-Soul

Have you ever heard a band on the radio, or watched a live festival performance and a band you’ve never heard of comes on, and just blows you away? For me, that band is Vintage Trouble. This 4-piece band is growing in popularity and notoriety the world over, and they are just getting started. At the helm is Ty Taylor, one of the most electric and larger than life vocalists on stage today.


Cul✝ Trends:Pancakes & Booze

Last Friday, I went to Pancakes and Booze at LMNT to scope out the scene and grab me a few pancakes after work. Naturally, as a broke college student, when an event invite involves the phrase “ALL YOU CAN EAT PANCAKES” there is a 90% chance I’ll show up. Plus, three of my fave DJ friends Nigby, Enzymatique, and Atman, were providing the tunes for the night and being the audiophile (and pancake aficionado) that I am, there was no way I was missing this event. I dragged my tired behind across the causeway after work, grabbed my plate of pancakes and walked the room searching for fresh faces and fresh fits. I was not disappointed.