10 years and counting and it’s not a surprise Sweat Records “still got it.” Our local music and art enthusiast kings are experts on knowing how to bring the community together and killed it this year with their genius choice of line-up and surprises. With over 25+ bands and musicians to see it was inevitable to drip in sweat throughout the day. There was a strong variety in music connecting all kinds of crazies into one place forcing everyone out of their caves and into the stock. 



10608398_10152646715106307_5052599372016152539_o  Photo of TOBACCO set by Adrian Dominguez

DSC_1749Crowd for SANDRATZ set

It was fun to see such a mixture of people ranging from someone wearing a suit and tie to another wearing combat boots and a band tee relating on music taste. While exploring back and forth through the Sweat Main Stage and the Degeneration Stage inside of Churchill’s Pub it wasn’t hard to spot everyone else doing the same and giving the different musicians a chance while mingling with people outside of their circle. The festival is arguably one that is rare to come across in any community where it is very hard to feel out of place for anyone.


Alexandre Merbouti (BOOTY AND THE BROWNS)


Justine Lukine (PARTY FLAG)

With a special appearance by Iggy Pop, delicious choice in Food Trucks, vendors, a zoo of Miami music scenes and all kinds of artists roaming through the venues  it was easily something you’d be sad to miss and is definitely worth the sweat. It’s undeniable to look forward for tons of other Sweat Stocks throughout the years and watch how the district will continue to flourish by bringing everyone together. Happy Birthday Sweat!!

11116441_10152646715061307_8704958672213474592_o(TOBACCO by Adrian Dominguez)

Some more photos of the festival by Vanessa Haim:

2015-04-18 03.41.37



2015-04-18 03.35.41

2015-04-18 03.25.42(1)

2015-04-18 03.25.162015-04-18 03.24.08