TropiNoirPart I:The Dreaming Jewels

There is an ominous twilight zone where reality meets our dreams. In psychoanalyst tradition fantasizing is not a benign and private event, it happens when one subjectivizes the world around him one would like to be a part of but can’t for some reason. That is where fantasy begins. We fill in details about The Other as a way of trying to draw closer to them.

Every day we observe the world around us and create Archetypes out of the visions we see. Carl Jung, a psychoanalyst, described archetypes as universal patterns that are part of the collective unconscious. These Archetypes become models of peoples behavior and personality, images, that belong to the collective unconscious which influence our inner compass of meaning.

Dreams are not just dreams; Dreams are a form of building. There exists a necessity to be a part of The Other, for the future is predictable, tomorrow with certainty there will be traffic, buildings, and sky, but the reality that is hidden from us, that emerges from The Other, as Deconstructionist philosopher Derrida once said, “Le Porvenir’ is totally vital and precisely what we live for.”