Cult Trends:Autonomy #2


Hey!! Hi!! Hello! Remember me!? I know it has been a while since I wrote one of these but it’s not my fault, I swear. Things in the city have kind of cooled off I’ll say. Don’t blame me, blame the scene. Okay i’m going to just flat out say it.

For the past 6 months, MIAMI HAS BEEN BOOOORING (in my opinion, according to my standards and interests). I have been to many an event, plenty clubs, quite a few parties, even a few Soirees here and there. I’ve been to Kickbacks, Cookouts, Picnics, Pool Parties, Secret Concerts, Art Showcases, Drag brunches, Non-Drag Brunches, Rock Concerts, Rap Concerts.

LISTEN THE POINT IS I BEEN ALL OVER THE PLACE LATELY!!!!  THIS is the first time in almost 6 months that I’ve come to you baring visual gifts!  I’ll just end this rant right here.

So, I was at a party with my SQUAAA the other day, as one tends to do when with ones said Squaa from time to time. I started asking around if any interesting events coming up soon and my DJ/Producer friend GET FACE mentioned he was playing at this party on the 23rd. So of course, like any good friend would do, I asked: “IS IT FREE??!”

He said yes, and then I agreed to come thru and support because I, ladies and gentlemen, am a good friend. So me and my crew of boos came thru to Autonomy #2 this Saturday and you should have too because it was liiiit! Of course I had to bring my camera along too! Because, you guys are always apart of my virtual SQUAA! *virtual fist bump*

Heeere we go!







I hadn’t heard of Cc before this party, but after I saw her perfomance I instantly became a fan. Her sound is not very typical for Miami, but I’m in to it.  She is also really nice too! Me and my crew had pleasant conversation with Cc after her.



I was so happy when I ran in to Virgo this night. I’ve admired her artistry and style for months now since I first saw her at III Points. I wanted to take her picture for so long, and I actually got the opportunity during Art Basel. Alas, my Art Basel article unfortunately went to shit and I never published the photos. This was the perfect opportunity to make up for those lost photos, especially at this venue.

I love photographing her. She has this other worldly aura about her that i am facinated by. I also love how she looks like a doll thats come to life in these photos.



Another new face I encountered. I mean, new to me of course. I had heard of Viscrit through GET FACE, my friend that invited me to come thru. He was the brains behind this wonderful event so round of applause for him👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿! GET FACE told me Viscrit was good, bit he didn’t tell me he was that good! Not only does he play good music and throw awesome parties, he also dresses well too. Like any good DJ should, TBH.



FUN FACT: I did NOT realize his shirt was see through until I checked these photos the next morning. WHO KNEW???



This vest tho! I love seeing people enjoy themselves and not giving a fuck who’s watching them, and they were totally doing that. Props to you and your awesome vest Re.



She put on an awesome performance and was super sweet when I met her after! So of course I had to include her on here.



Such a cutie! I don’t know much about this girl but one thing i can tell you for sure is this girl knows how to dress for a good time. When people think Miami nightlife the “Look” they picutre usually involves some combination of uncomfortable body con dress, ridiculously high heels and caked on make up.

Now, dont get me wrong. I do appriciate that whole Real Housewives/Love and Hip Hop aesthetic, but true Miami natives know that a look like that takes alot of blood, sweat and tears to keep together on a hot Miami night out.

So why bother! Julie has got her cool ass shirt, bright red sneakers, ripped jeans with ample leg ventilation AND a beer in her right hand, what more could she need.  She is good to go, and y’all should take notes.



This is my friend GET FACE. Hes a Dj, Producer and all around bad ass. He cool, very cool, very very cool. I would write a few paragraphs for you about how awesome and talented he is:

A. Thats NOT professional.
B. I don’t want him getting a big head and turning into a douchebag DJ stereotype.

So, to maintain the level of professionalism i’ve established up in this piece, instead of singing his praises I will just leave the links to every social media account he has available for you to view down below and force you to click each link and tell him how much you love him, right now. Do it. DO IT. RIGHT NOW!


(This is just a  joke you don’t have to…. but low key i’m not joking)



YEAAAAAAAAAAAS! Honestly, these are my favorite photos I have taken so far this year. I picked up my camera and she just WENT OFF! Never have I ever seen someone make standing next to a trash can look so glamorous.

Ashley isn’t just here for the looks though, she’s also talented too! Ashley created a 6 minute art film, scored with music prodiced by GET FACE,  that premeired during the party. It was amazing. This girl was working on this film right until it was tiem for the party to start. Thats dedication, and I live for it.  Don’t worry, you’ll all get your chance to see her delectable creation real soon, watch this space.

Speaking of delectable creations, did I mention she bakes cakes too?