JEWELSongstress in Concert

Live at Parker Playhouse


Singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, actress, author and poet, Jewel graced the stage at the Parker Playhouse in Fort Lauderdale. With worldwide album sales of over 27 million, and four Grammy nominations, and a new book, I knew I was in for a musical treat. One of Florida’s oldest theatres, the Parker Playhouse hosted this multi-talented songstress, and it was a beautiful night indeed.


The stage was simple, and Jewel took center stage and sang a beautifully haunting rendition of ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ to open the show. There was no band, just the naturally beautiful, strong, independent folk singer and two guitars. It was an impromptu back and forth with the crowd, asking questions, hurling compliments and Jewel soaked it all in and threw some zingers back at the crowd that had them laughing, cheering and applauding. It was a mesmerizing performance to say the least. There is a reason she is as successful as she is. Her strength as a performer, a woman, and her ability to be vulnerable onstage for everyone to see, is amazing, and the crowd appreciated every personal moment.


It was my first time seeing Jewel perform live, and I can honestly say, it will not be my last. Her voice is sultry, ethereal, beautiful and strong. Jewel and her songs tell stories and express memories, good, bad, happy and sad. Every song has a time, and a place in her soul and Jewel has no reservations in letting you in to every emotion and word. She is out on tour through May, so do yourself a favor and go see her perform live, She does NOT disappoint. ‘always support live music’.