Readable Noise:Fresh Catch

Stuart act makes Triumphant Return with a force the Atlantic Ocean would envy at The Square Grouper


Your favorite acts started out in bars.

Small ones, watering holes and even, the occasional smoky seedy club, ladled with graffiti in the bathroom walls. The patrons of these gigs are something of mythical envy, seeing the band grow and evolve, ascending to new heights.

We look upon these attendees as reverent, as they were able to see something that does, occasionally, get lost in the hubbub of contract signings and labels. That, is raw energy. The chance to see the fire, connectivity and ultimately, pure connection that you can’t often receive in bigger venues, with huge security men and metal barriers becoming a new separation.

If you missed the chance of seeing this, and want to catch that heat, I’m proud to say you have a chance to view it, and get a festival quality performance in every concert of Stuart band, Fresh Catch.


The bar scene in Jupiter is known for it’s camaraderie, as well as tight community, extending from everything to weathered seamen with tales of the ocean at it’s unknown peaks, surfers looking for the mythical wave, divers scouring underneath it all, & of course, the wandering patrons. All of which, are not only familiar with each other, but supportive of anyone who floats by. It’s a sentiment shared by the group, which makes their return to the city on February 27th even more welcomed.

Fresh Catch’s major gain is their flawless ability to connect with the audience without needing raucous levels, or antics but instead, by doing exactly what they love; the ease and energy translating perfectly in their delivery. With songs covering all their albums (including a few from their latest release, 2015’s “Bale Money”), to covers including Badfish (who Fresh Catch have opened for in the past) as well as The Eagles. One of their standout songs, blended both reggae stylings with a 50’s diner rock backing, seamlessly integrating the two genres; a fusion which played out effortlessly as it was perfect.


The band, which consist of Josh Hoilman (guitar), Jose Rivera (bass), Jason Carr (saxophone), Danny Couto (drums) & Pete Levine (keyboardist), play off of each other brilliantly, adding to the others flawless style. Couto with a James Dean cool, Rivera executing amazing technique, and Hoilman holding it all together in perfect precision. The stand-out players of the performance in particular, Carr and Levine, held their own; the saxophone playing across the bay with a seaworthy ease. Levine remains humbly in the background but as a listener, you were enthralled by the playing, hopping from style to style, all the while perfectly seamless.

As the night continued, more patrons came together in the flag that Fresh Catch and reggae have always preached, good times and togetherness. Amidst the group’s fans and bar patrons, an older woman who appeared in her 70’s, also joined in the festivities, dancing with a revived electric youth. And through it all, that’s what music is all about, a thought echoed by Rivera later in the night.


Music keeps you young; and maybe Ponce De Leon wasn’t wrong when he came to Florida in search of it.


Fresh Catch have written their tunes from the sparkling waters, and get their kicks by giving those who listen, a cool drink of it.

And that’s something that folks from all harbors can agree with.

Fresh Catch will be at the Hooked on Music Festival in Stuart, FL on March 26th, 2016.