Vintage Trouble:The Godfathers of Rock-N-Soul


Have you ever heard a band on the radio, or watched a live festival performance and a band you’ve never heard of comes on, and just blows you away? For me, that band is Vintage Trouble. This 4-piece band is growing in popularity and notoriety the world over, and they are just getting started. At the helm is Ty Taylor, one of the most electric and larger than life vocalists on stage today.

If you took James Brown, Rick James, Prince and Lenny Kravitz, took their DNA and mixed it together, BOOM you get Ty! His dance moves, vocal ability and stage presence are what is sorely needed in live music today. He captures the essence of every song and makes sure the crowd is a part of every word. Nalle Colt (guitar), Rick Barrio Dill (bass guitar) and Richard Danielson (drums, percussion) round out the band and bring it all together. Vintage Trouble has a growing fan base known as Troublemakers, and they are loyal and growing with each performance.


The shows are high energy, whether Ty goes crowd surfing or jumps in the crowd, he appreciates the audience and lets them know it. The band is always dressed to the nines when they hit the stage, and the 4 musicians are tight. VT just finished a world tour with one of Rock-N-Rolls biggest bands, AC/DC, you might have heard of them. Having played in front of 115K plus fans in Vienna Austria this past summer, they are making a name for themselves and in a big way.


Touring in support of their latest album release 1 Hopeful Rd., the band has about 15 or so shows here stateside, and then they head to Europe for November and December. The show was what I expected, a damn good time by four of the most talented musicians you will ever see on one stage. I had the privilege of meeting Nalle before the show and talking with him a bit, as well as running into Ty at a record store across from the theatre.


The 4-hour pilgrimage I took to see VT perform was well worth it. Ty graciously allowed me to photograph the sound check and listen in. All four members compliment each other so well, and the on stage brotherhood they have just fits. A little too much smoke machine by the venue and the less than acceptable lighting made for a tough show to shoot.

A Vintage Trouble performance needs to be well lit, so as to not miss any of it. This band will be around for a long time, so do yourself a favor and check them out. By show’s end, you will be a Troublemaker. Always support live music!

Vintage Trouble Set List 10/13/15
Heavy Days
Strike Your Light
Angel City
From My Arms
My Heart Won’t Fall Again
Blues Hand Me Down
If You Loved Me
Before The tear
Get It
Run Like The RiverEncore:
Another Man’s Words
Pelvis Pusher