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Dearest gentes,

It’s the start of another South Florida hurricane season. Children are playing Fortnite, hoping to fall in love, and make memories to last a lifetime. But only 31 miles south of the Tropicult “newsroom” the history of summer 2019 will be remembered differently. *Cue horror music.

A quick google search of “Miami, homestead, immigrant” returns a series of news reports that contain chilling information. To summarize, reports of children cutting themselves, packed into close quarters of an unlicensed facility. Taxpayers are footing the $775 a day bill. Gratuity not included.

A march is planned for later today. Half of me hopes it doesn’t rain because Homestead is prone to flooding. The other half hopes it does because I’ve been told marchers have to walk a fairly far distance under the sun from their parked cars to Caliburn Children Cage Camp (#C4), and the rain may offer them some reprieve.

If you can’t make the march today, consider sharing one of these images by photographer Jonathan De Camps taken at a previous march to the same #C4. Tag our representatives, especially those currently running for office.

I’ve paired the images from De Camps with some words about Peace that I wrote.



Seats are Not Given
Hey, what's up... what's going on, it’s been awhile.
I see you’ve got a new good style.

Hey, what's up...
Don’t scream, act right, 
show no fear in the fight.
you know what to do-- it comes natural to you.

Hey, what's up...Young One on the street, it’s me, Peace, 
I’m here at the table, grab your seat.



Pieces of You, Peace is of You

I am strong. I don’t always get along.
I am bright. I put up a good fight. 
I am level. 
The angels and the devil.
I am a secret. No one can beat it. 

I am right. Even when it feels wrong.
I am good. I am misunderstood.
I am big. I am small.
I am missing, I am here, I am lost.
You need me. No matter the cost.

Jonathan De Camps is a freelance photographer and filmmaker based in Miami, Florida. He has been awarded the FEAST Miami (Funding Emerging Arts with Sustainable Tactics) award, and he is a 2017 Knight Arts Champions recipient. Jonathan has nurtured his lifelong interest in narrative imagery in films, paintings, and photography. He continues to work with stories through documentary photography and filmmaking about immigrant communities, social justice reform and urban lifestyles. Support the important work Jonathan does of documenting social justice movements by contributing to his Paypal.


Sunday, June 16 2019

Children belong in schools and homes, not in prison camps. But today, at least 2,500 children are being held at Homestead detention center in Homestead, Florida. It’s the largest for profit detention site for migrant children in the U.S. – and it continues to grow. Please join our End Child Detention Coalition, elected officials, immigrant advocates, communities of faith, activists holding daily vigil, and many others in demanding the shutdown of Homestead Detention Center!

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