ZZ Top

at Coral Sky Amphitheater

After 40+ years in the music biz, ZZ Top still knows how to kick ass! They tore up the Coral Sky Amphitheater last Friday night in West Palm and had some help with guitar legend, Jeff Beck opening the show. Jeff Beck came on stage to a deafening applause from the crowd, who knew exactly what to expect. His guitar playing was flawless, which is to be expected from the 70 year old gent from the UK. Jeff is no rookie, having played with the likes of the Yardbirds, as well as appearing on albums with Mick Jagger, Jon Bon Jovi, Malcolm McLaren, Stevie Wonder, just to name a few. Rolling Stone magazine ranked him 5th on their list of 100 greatest guitar players of all time. He ripped through songs like ‘A Change is Gonna Come’ ‘Littlewing’ ‘Superstition’ with help from his amazingly talented band. A great hour of music at the hands of one of rock-n-rolls guitar legends is not a bad way to spend an evening.

Is it hard to top Jeff Beck, you bet your ass it is, but if anyone can compete, it’s the trio from Texas, known as ZZ Top. Billy & Dusty strolled onto the stage with Frank at the helm of one of the coolest drum kits I have ever seen, and did their thing. ZZ Top, the bearded badasses from Texas, didn’t miss a beat as they belted out hit after hit after hit to a very enthusiastic and eclectic crowd. Having sold over 25 million albums in the U.S. and over 50 million worldwide, they have earned their seat at the Rock-N-Roll legends table.

Any hit you can imagine from their repertoire, was played Friday night. ‘Sharp-Dressed Man’, ‘Legs’, ‘Gimme All Your Lovin’, and the list goes on and on. Supporting the release of their latest Greatest Hits album, “The Very Baddest” is a 2-disc powerhouse of 40 of their greatest and most popular hits spanning their extensive career. If you don’t know who ZZ Top is, then go burn all of your cd’s and your useless hipster collection of vinyl (just kidding) but you should know them. They could never be pigeonholed into one genre of music and their mix of Blues Rock/Boogie Rock/Hard Rock is a blend anyone can appreciate.

If you know and love good music, then you know ZZ Top, and if you don’t then get your ass to your local record store and buy any of their albums. Better yet, go see them perform live, they put on a great show, and they are still one of Rock music’s most talented trios of musicians to ever take the stage. Great show gentleman, and keep going. Always support live music!