Key West

Moods & Visions

take me to key west
fly me all around
put me on a sailboat
never touch the ground

spend your money, riches
call it lost & found
love me till you’re full on it
belly full & round
gentle is the breeze now
nary there a stranger
cars & motors grindin’
jesus in the manger
island time, lotsa lime, i’ve bet all my wagers
lookin’ up to heaven, always a stargazer

Photography by Brian Deutzman (USA, 1988). Brian is a filmmaker and photographer whose work includes A Summer Home (Borscht Corporation, 2014), Havana’s Streets (Fototeca Siracusana, 2017), and Un Hombre Sincero (ARTHAUS Residency, 2019). Prints of his photo work are available for lease and purchase through TurningArt. Follow his journey on Instagram.

Poetry by Portia DePina. Portia is a local writer, originally from Cape Cod and NYC. Having also spent chunks of time in Portland, OR, Spain, and Cyprus, she’s a bit of a gypsy soul. Even so, the magic of tropical Florida has captured her heart, and she emphatically declares that she’s here to stay. Portia spends her time doing many things— soca dance class, running half marathons, sporadically bingeing on pop culture, eating well, and making time for friends— but feels most at home when writing. Follow her journey on Instagram.