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Headlining BUMBLEFEST 2019 this year are The Blank Tapes. The California based- multi-instrument band cranks out 1960s inspired folk-rock-surf-psych-soul-pop tunes that engulf your mind into a soundscape. The soft strokes of the bass combined with tropical drums and guitar make you feel as though you’re swimming in a sea of funk.

Since the early 2000s they’ve been combining simple melodies and turning them into seductive collection of enchanting and upbeat sounds. Partnering with Volcom, Burger Records, Antenna Farm, PIAPTK, Brown Truck Records, and many others has led them to go on tour throughout the US, UK, Europe, Canada, Brazil, Japan and even Costa Rica.

Matt Adams, multi-instrumentalist and musical genius, is well versed in drums, guitar, bass, keys, and even more and he’s been guiding the band throughout its musical journey that started at Bay Area’s psychedelic scene. Being immersed in Southern California’s surf and skate scene gave the band its identity. They’ve spread the California indie feel all throughout the globe and are now internationally recognized as “that indie band from socal.”

“I’ve been going pretty full-on since I started over 15 years ago.”

Photo by Jacquie Ray

In a brief chat with Adams, I was able to pick his brain to see how it is that the musical magic comes to life. Adams attributes his musical success to persistence and independence “I’ve been going pretty full-on since I started over 15 years ago and then years before that before The Blank Tapes. I’ve always been more or less doing my own thing, so maybe that’s helped set me apart from any trends or bands. I’ve also always done most of all the band art over the years so that’s kept the image cohesive with the music.”. By creating his own cover art, Adams has been able to have a deeper resonating effect on his fans. The cover art is just another expression of the psychedelic experiences that he communicates as an artist. His creative mind distorts and combines elements out of this reality.

Their insanely psychedelic inspired posters and album covers are also a product of the bands themselves. Matt Adams is the mastermind his band’s art work as well as for other bands such as like The Grateful Dead, CRB, FolkYeah! & more.

The Blank Tapes have been able to leave an impression that resonates with their audience and communicates a message of how Adams perceives life. The lyrics, “usually express how he feels or his observations on life with generally a positive attitude.” Adams, “likes to find humor or depth in certain subject matters and tries not to censor himself too much even if it’s pretty weird.”  He’s also lived in California his whole life saying “that’s influenced his style and attitude a bit” and he thinks it comes across in his music.

Musicians are artists like any other and use their music as a medium for expressing their deepest thoughts. The Blank Tapes keep it pretty simple and tell their fans exactly what they mean. “There are songs where I don’t really say exactly who or what I’m talking about. But usually it’s pretty clear,” stated Adams.

The beauty behind creativity is that there are infinite ways to turn it into a reality and for The Blank Tapes the process begins with a vocal melody and lyric or the music then the vocals. Adams shared that he typically either demos songs out on a cell phone or 4 tracks, eventually recording it at home partially at a recording studio with a drummer and sometimes a bass player. “Sometimes I play all the instruments myself, sometimes I have some of my band members join in. Some of my favorite songs are the ones that happen all at once in a short amount of time rather than taking years or even decades to finish or record.”

Adams is a versatile musician who is in tune with his artistic self. Psychedelic rock lovers become hypnotized with the sounds of wah wah and the fuzzbox effect of the electric guitar. The Blank Tapes always engulf your head and take you through a trip in their mind. They’ll be coming all the way down to West Palm Beach for BUMBLEFEST on September 14th, 2019.

They’re headlining the huge 37 band two-day festival in Downtown West Palm Beach. Bumblefest has been going strong for eight years and has been attracting Indie Lovers from all of Florida from North to South. The micro-fest is coming to life thanks to PureHoney Magazine who curated the line-up. There will be six stages to visit and bands from all over the country. On September 13 & 14 all the hipsters and indie lovers will be making their way into the BUMBLEFEST hive, tickets are available on Facebook, Eventbrite, and on their site

By @localmusicgal

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September 13 - September 14 2019

Don't miss this micro-fest coming to life thanks to PureHoney Magazine. Multiple stages to visit and bands from all over the country. Tickets are available on

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