Miami FilmmakersKickstarting Santastein!

$6900 shy, 9 days to go

Two Miami based filmmakers are on a mission to make a movie. The Tropicult team is here for it and you should be too! Santastein will be a horror/comedy film inspired by slasher classics, featuring a killer Santa Claus and gory special effects. With an emphasis on practical effects and an original monster, these filmmakers and their team hope to draw the attention of Christmas and Horror fans alike. Watch the trailer:

Filmmaking in Miami can be a challenge. Without having the resources that filmmakers in Los Angeles have, it can be difficult for films to get produced. That’s not stopping Writers and Directors Benjamin Edelman and Manuel Camilion who plan on utilizing local talent, film students, and unique Miami locations to complete their project. They want to prove that filmmaking is possible in Miami!

One of the challenges to making a movie is funding. The movie’s production team is turning to the services of Kickstarter to fund the project.  The film has a 30-day fundraising window. Every donation level includes prizes such as a a link to the completed feature film and receiving a cameo death scene in the movie! If the target budget of $25,000 isn’t raised before September 12, all pledges are cancelled and the film will not be funded. As of September 2nd, the team behind Santastein has just $6900 left to raise.

Last fall, they made a proof of concept short film, which can now be viewed in full on their Kickstarter website. After a festival run, Miami producer Eddie Del Carmen saw potential in the project, and has been working closely with the team to help get the film off the ground. Since then, Producers Vasisth Sukul, Natatlie Veater, and Leo Pereria have joined the project.

The film will be shot in Miami, Florida with Cinematographer Luis Afiuni who hopes to expand on the visual style established in the short film, and capture that classic b-movie horror vibe. They’ll be using RED cameras and state of the art lighting equipment. If the film is successfully funded, the Santastein team aims to begin production in late November.

When asked why Kickstarter was the team’s fundraising choice, Sukul said “It’s a great way to get the community involved. We want everyone to know that they’re a part of this film, and bring them on this incredible journey with us.” To read more about how you can get involved, visit the project’s campaign.


Tuesday, September 3 2019

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