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For part 2 of our series #behindbasel, we sit down with Tropi favorite, Nikki Bravo. A well-rounded art lover, but a sucker for impressionism, and other ancient art styles. Bravo is an experienced “baseler” she was born and raised in Miami, FL, majored in Art History, her first visit to the main convention center exhibit dates back to 2005. 9 years ago she founded Words & Wine open mic, and still curates talent for the weekly event. She loves to gather fellow talented Miami peeps so they can express themselves freely. Now a full-time Momma and Entrepreneur always on the move, she is trying her best to fully immerse her daughter in the art world as well.


Fun Fact: Penelope Bravo, daughter of Nikki, had her first exhibit during Art Basel at the age of 2.


What does Art Basel Season mean to you?

Art Basel season means a lot of different things to me. It’s not just the snobby or rich side of Art Basel but how alive the city becomes. Some people will argue that they should not use the term “Art Basel” or name an event with that term unless it is the convention itself but I say the hell with that! Art Basel is a tree with many roots all around the city. It’s a time where we have many tourists, locals, and business owners all in Miami for one thing, ART BASEL! Whether you want to buy art, roam the city, or dance the night away, Art Basel season has it all for you.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

This year I want to hit up the town like never before because It might be my last season for a while to come. This upcoming 2019 my family and I are moving to Eugene, Oregon. I never miss these shows: Scope, Aqua, Art Miami, Spectrum. Last year I went to Superfine for the first time and will be going again. I’ve also enjoyed kid-friendly events by Paint Vibes Gallery and Lincolns Beard Brewery in the past. I’m most looking forward to taking my daughter to the different events and fairs. She absolutely loves it. Words & Wine will also invite live painters to come and strut their stuff.

“My first Art Basel was pure MAGIC”

How would you describe the Miami art scene?

The Miami Art Scene is very vast and growing. Beyond Ocean drive, we have a lot of underground spots thriving with talented musicians, actors, poets, and visual arts. I love getting invited to local art shows and viewings from friends of mine. Some of my favorite artists are:


What are your top 3 tips to survive the week?

Tip 1: Plan. (a lot of apps and info out there)

Tip 2: Ask around. Sometimes a lot of friends have hookups to fairs

Tip 3: Take a notebook. This will be useful to write down artists you really enjoyed