Rubric Guide to Chirbah Takeover Series


How can we best evaluate fruit? Along which axes? As I’ve sunk deeper into the sweet, sticky mass of the fruit world, this question has come up.

“We need a texture column!”, they demand. Or, “How about tartness?”. Sweetness seems a given, but it doesn’t really apply to avocados – juiciness neither. Mealiness is important, but only really for apples.

Perhaps one set of criteria cannot rule them all.

As it’s still the early days of Chirbah, we chose to focus on three things:

They’re not perfect, but they apply to most fruits we’d want to review, and you can skip them when they don’t.

We’ve created a range for sweetness:

Rank Sweetness
0 Not sweet
1 Slightly sweet
2 Sweet
3 Very sweet


And one for juiciness:

Rank Juiciness
0 Dry
1 Some juice
2 Juicy
3 Very juicy / dripping down my arm / eat over a sink


And for would you recommend, it’s either yes or no.

In the future, we might enlarge the scope, but the comment section allows users to expand on their experience — about tartness, texture, or anything else they care to mention.