Finger Lickin' Fun with Silo Food Truck

IMG_4622Farm to table has rooted itself into the festival scene, evolving the festival dining landscape from kebabs and arepas to wholesome food for like-minded, festival goers. Silo Food Truck, is definitely serving as the movement’s culinary-conscious trailblazer, frying up locally sourced chicken with all the fixins.

I had the pleasure of meeting and dining with Jesse Steve and Katie Foley at the Miami Grassroots Festival, the duo is spreading their love for food and environmental care to festivals around the U.S.

I noshed on their “Telekinetic Fried Chicken”, which is named after Miami’s own Telekinetic Walrus, who they met during their festival travels. This chicken lives up to its name, mind-moving deliciousness. Imagine cosmically crispy fried chicken atop of a bed of blue sticky rice with a seasonal (and locally sourced) star fruit coulee.

Fried chicken always needs its Mac n’ Cheese sidekick, and Silo’s mac is the perfect accoutrement to their finger lickin front man; ooey, gooey pasta served with spicy chorizo topped with pickled red onions.

Their menu is in a perpetual flux, highlighting each location’s unique produce with a local twist, showcasing their versions of hometown favorites. Their food is not only savory without the sin, but their upbeat personalities will win you over too! Good food and good people, plain and simple.


Silo Food Truck