All around our magical city many people are hard at work. Veterans, parents, law and safety, medical personnel, the government I could go on and on. Many also have found themselves with nothing but time on their hands as we’ve been ordered to shelter in place for our own safety and the safety of others as Coronavirus makes its way through the world.

Miami has a vast amount of resources and I’m so appreciative of organizations like the Perez Foundation who recently made a major announcement making millions of dollars available to those in need.

In this time of confusion, I’m just in awe of those that are stepping up here in Miami, rising to the challenge ahead. I believe we will continue to see more of these announcements coming out. Locally and globally.

Here at Tropicult we’re looking at this time as an opportunity to make an impact. One of the ways we’ll be doing that is by sharing stories of Miami locals in this new series called Corona Chronicles. Hopefully, through this sharing process, we can read about each other and realize that a lot of us are going through the same things right now. So even though we are physically separated, we are still connected.

For our first feature, I interviewed Gabriela, Gaby, Keddell, Founder of Color Palm, Art shop and Peroni Brand Developer. Gaby grew up on Miami Beach from the age of three. She’s taken a few years off here and there to live in other countries and travel, but Miami is home. She is an art and culture enthusiast with great taste in Beer. Read my interview with her below:


How has corona changed your daily schedule?

My main job is working as the Peroni Brand Developer and my clients are restaurant and bar owners, who are facing major financial difficulties. My team and I are working on finding creative ways to boost sales but a majority of my clients are closed currently and many of my friends out of work. Our industry has never felt a blow like this. Throughout history even in war, a bar would still be open. It’s hard to see so many hard-working people in this situation.


It is really tough. Miami especially since we have so many bars and restaurants, the impact on this quarantine is greater for us vs other cities I think. What’s one positive thing you see as a part of this?

I feel like our communities are coming together. Neighbors helping neighbors. Miami has never been known for having a strong sense of community as many people have moved here from somewhere else but seeing us come together is somewhat of a silver lining.


What Miami based organization(s) have been doing good things during this time?

From what I’ve seen the USBG was able to organize quickly, and take some action, and  O Miami quickly pivoted to put together some amazing virtual programming.


What can we learn from this situation as a community?

That we do need each other and that we are stronger together.


I agree 100% Gaby! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

To learn more about Gaby follow her on Instagram @Gabella_k.