DademonicIssue 4

Welcome back to Dademonic, where we idolize the creepy and share the spooky. Each month we feature a local writer’s twisted tale to get you through your Frightday work hustle. So blood, ooze, and agony are definitely echoes of the world of phantasm and horror, but how about the marinara sauce and extra Parmesan? Yesenia Rosales is a local here from Miami that turns her love for horror and the unorthodox into the truest universal love language: pizza. This month, Dademonic got to chat a little bit with Yesenia about what makes the gears in her head spin, and, just like her pizza, she served us a slice of her special personality. Let’s get witchy baby…

Dademonic What draws you to horror?

Yesenia I like that little ominous feeling that comes with anything related to horror, it really gives me a thrill. I’m a bit of a pussy when it comes to supernatural stuff so I can get easily scared when anything out of the ordinary happens. I just laugh it off afterward because fear is one of the human emotions that makes you feel the most alive, and lord knows I need that. [laughs]

Dademonic Why pizza?

Yesenia I’ve always loved pizza and art have always been part of my life. I just hadn’t realized that pizza was such a big part as well, until all my friends started tagging me on pizza memes and pictures every day. So I decided to combine those two things together and now I can’t stop creating pizza art!

Dademonic What inspires you?

Yesenia My love of pizza is an inspiration of its own. Aside from that, what really keeps me going is seeing people getting a kick from my art, especially when they’re willing to wear my designs in form of patches and enamel pins. Just knowing that there’s a person rocking one of my #pizzatits patches on the other side of the world makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Dademonic Favorite horror movie, book or painting?

Yesenia American Werewolf In Paris, From Dusk Til Dawn, Christine, Pet Cemetery or pretty much any 90’s is pretty good, brings me a sense of nostalgia…shitting my pants as a lil git [laughs]. As for horror paintings, my two top fav artists are H.R Giger and @kerbcrawlerghost on IG.

You can enjoy Yesenia’s globby goods at her site:

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