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Your 2019 Local Guide to III POINTS

III Points is back bitches…and you better be prepared. If your fave part of this above-ground underground moment is the mash-up of some of Miami’s best local nuggets…then this is for you. Through a cracked queer lense…we partnered with III Points to guide you through some of the best native Miami moments to look forward to.


III Points isn’t just known for immersive music sets and reality-defying art installations…it’s also known for engaging activations that include workshops and events integrating some of Miami’s greatest up and coming communities, thinkers, and artists.

III Points: LGBTQ Activation! is a discussion on self-love and acceptance moderated by none other than Michael Góngora, Vice Mayor of Miami Beach. If you’re thinking it’s just another cliche bullshit talk about love…you’re wrong. Featuring a mix of mental health leaders and professionals plus yung creative GET FACE…you should be prepared to get real.

CreativeMornings is a recurring lecture series that features local creatives…this time featuring Gami, Miami native and founder of ultra femme/trans collective Internet Friends. You might already be friends with her, and you’ll get to see her spin later at Skate Space…but this is a rare chance to see her in a raw setting, spilling out what’s bound to be some glimmering chunks of insight as a spearhead of Miami’s current queer scene.

Girls Can Spin Too is an open spin sesh hosted by our other favorite local femme collective Fempower. The name pretty much says it all. In a world of seemingly male-dominated everything…the nightlife/music industry is no different. But groups like Fempower are making powerful strides when it comes to empowering Miami femme creatives to live their dreams, and this event is just one small piece of that movement.


Feast your eyes…because you’re in for some non-stop ocular stimulation. That may sound sexual…and at some points, it definitely might be.

We’ve got one visual artist to focus on. And you’ll definitely understand why when you enter her world.

Haiiileen is a Miami native multi-dimensional mixed media artist exploring neo-acid experimental works. As if that wasn’t enough adjectives…add III Points creative director to the mix.

From III Points to Basel to Space to Ultra and beyond…Haiiileen has been breaking ground with mind-altering films, performances, sculptures, and installations for years. But here…you get to see the product of her creating a new world within a larger world she literally created . Are you tripping yet? (The larger world is III Points…in case you didn’t get that).

Look out for Haiii-liiight, an installation exploring theories of how light moves through space, located right next to bae-space Skate Space.


Music may be what brought you here. And it may be what takes you there. But you better be damn sure to check out some of these local hotties.

 Friday, February 15th, 11:45 PM – 12:15 AM   Sector 3

Poorgrrrl is an OG when it comes to the underground Miami music scene. From cut-the-fuck-up beats to yummy rhymes to the baddest bitchiest warehouse parties in the city…she can’t be missed.

 Friday, February 15th, 6:00 PM – 3:00 AM   Skate Space

Go see Space Tapes at Skate Space while skating around a circular stage and twisting tongues with your titties out while taping your tights to each other’s taints.

But really, Space Tapes is a Miami based music label that specializes in curating genuine talents and experiences in the local music scene and beyond. December Beaches, Virgo, and Telescope Thieves are just a few of the gems performing during the Space Tapes takeover. They’ve become known for their all-in shows…so you don’t want to leave without catching at least one!

 Saturday, February 16th, 6:00 PM – 3:00 AM   Skate Space

In case it didn’t make sense in the last description…Skate Space is a rollerskating rink stage that’s being taken over by a different Miami collective each night of the event.

Saturday features Gami at it again…and this time she brought her…friends. Her Internet Friends. And they’re here to destroy your inhibitions. Internet Friends is back at it with a takeover including some of their fiercest talents such as Get Face and Keanu Orange. No matter the time you choose to go, you’ll definitely dance your vertebrae completely off and lose all sense of self.

 Sunday, February 17th, 6:15 PM – 6:45 PM   Mind Melt

If you’re ready for a change of pace, Jaialai will ease you out of your hangover and into the final night of your life (at III Points 2019). A Miami based band commanding the main stage, Jaialai has quickly become a leader in the local psych-rock scene. The diversity of their members’ backgrounds…from Cuba to Central America, to South America…is a symbol of the rising force of latinx energy across all genres and is an example of Miami’s orgy of latinx cultures. Orgies in the audience are just a plus.


Pregame to Tropicult’s III Points playlist, curated by Santi Acosta.

So that’s just a taste of what’s to come. Other than that, we hope you lose and find yourself over and over forever at this year’s III Points. Peace!!

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