David KrovblitThe Age of Man

Just when you think you’ve recovered properly from Art Basel, it’s time to head out for Art Wynwood. The 8th edition of the fair returns to Miami at the same site where 15,000 people experienced art overload from emerging, and cutting-edge artists for Art Miami back in December 2018. Many will return to Soflo for the occasion including Canadian born photographer turned multimedia artist David Krovblit.

Krovblit is most known for his stunning grenade work. He has some Faberge style, beautiful bone china, and his exploit grenade series, some of which are pictured behind him in the above photo. Davids desire to own more of the creative process led him to pivot into other mediums beyond the photography that made up his career for over a decade. He had a dream and he followed it with full support from his family, even making the move from Canada to the United States! 😳 Our dreams are our most private moments, perhaps the only time when we’re alive and have no distractions. David is literally giving us a chance to see inside his head through his latest series of collages depicting his view of our world.

They are remarkable. If you’re looking for a trip skip the LSD and plop yourself down in front of one of David’s collages. They appear on buildings, prints, and canvases. Two of his murals are right here in Miami. At a quick glance, you might think they are paintings. But up close you’re able to see the stratified pieces of paper that make up the image. The sheer amount of detail in his work is amazing.

The process involves hours upon hours of finding, creating, and layering images in photoshop. Once satisfied he prints them out. If it’s for a huge mural he needs a huge printer. For his mural in Wynwood, he was lucky enough to have a local, Tim, lend him the use of his.

After printing the images are cut with details left intact. David uses a razor blade and sometimes has to enlist assistants to help with the cutting. Once all the images are ready the layering that took place on his computer gets done IRL (in real life). It takes days just to do the cutting and pasting but it is a lot of fun! I got to help out David with one of his murals during Art Basel 2018. See photos from the process below.

The wall before it gets “Krovlagged” (that’s a term I made up to

describe what David does to walls)

Are you sure that wheatpaste is ok to eat in small amounts? 🙂

One of the very bottom layers. Each of these is an individual piece of paper.

Some require multiple pieces to make up one image due to printer size limitations.

More layers. The paper shrinks as it gets wet and is applied.

For this mural, David also had to factor in the ridges in the door.

Tim (left) David (right) right before we had to turn on lights because it was clear the sun was going down, and the collage was far from being finished.


You can view the Age of Man mural in Wynwood for as long as it holds up to the elements. It is located opposite of the Give Good Works thrift store on 24th st. Look for it in the alley. Tag Tropicult in your photos for a potential repost!

You can see more of Davids work on Instagram, at this week’s Art Wynwood, or at MDC where they will be exhibiting his pieces for the next coming months.


February 12 - April 11 2019

In collaboration with Contemporary Art Projects USA Miami Dade College’s (MDC) West Campus will present the opening of David Krovblit’s exhibition, Strange Paradise. The exhibition, free and open to the public.

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February 15 - February 18 2019

Art Wynwood, will return for its eighth edition at the Art Miami and CONTEXT Art Miami site at One Herald Plaza on Biscayne Bay, one of the most prestigious and well-known waterfront locations in the City of Miami.

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