Catch Her Sleeping?Interview with Bree Daddy

Late nights in Miami. Catch her sleeping? Only if its actual sleep. Never with work, her business, or relationships. This female is woke 🙌🏽! On top of her game. I’m talking about 22-year-old Brianna Flemings, also known as @breedaddy__. This multi-talented Miamian…


3 Reasons WhyIt Feels GoodTo Go BAD

Who doesn’t love a little – or a lot – of good old-fashioned Booty Music, also known as “Miami Bass.” Last weekend I enjoyed it for freezy in the Broadway Arts District (BAD). Unbeknownst to many every Sunday neighbors and families come together at the corner of NW 62nd and 18th ave.


Baseled OutMiami Art WeekHighlights

There is something magical about hitting the town every night during Miami Art Week. The city is filled with a new kind of energy, we all get to fall in love with Miami all over again. Not to mention the breezy weather that hit us all weekend.