Dare Yourself

It’s the oldest instrument ever. (40,000 years plus) It’s been written about by the Sumerians and Confucius, in The Bible and The Epic of Gilgamesh. It’s played by ancient Greek myths (Pan), Indian gods (Krishna) and British rockstars (Jethro Tull’s…

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The Other Top 10Albums of 2016

2016 was a horrible year in countless ways, but somehow musically was not one of them. A few artists were crafting some of the coolest music to come out in recent memory – amidst a backdrop of political and social strife, faraway warfare and domestic hate atrocities, and a lot of shitty top 40 hits.


Horror atGramps

Seven O’clock says the clock, I clock out. I walk out to my car to grab my ten gallon and my duster, yeehaw. The parking authority bastard is still making rounds already ticketed me earlier in the day, I make…


Behind the Gnar:Aaron Homoki

Aaron “Jaws” Homoki loves being high. And not the way you may think. While his name reminds you of a giant great white shark terrorizing your local beach party, Jaws’ skating style is most reminiscent to that of a bird with the way he seamlessly gets air. This year alone, he became the first skateboarder-along with his good friend Tony Hawk-to skate in zero gravity. He also broke the world record for most stairs ollied at 25 at the famous Lyon staircase in France. His very presence on a skateboard is a challenge to Newton’s Laws of Gravity.


Behind the Music:PARI∀H

We are all sweating with excitement for PARI∀H’s recent record “Passed Lives’ Excessive Future” release on August 26. It is full of explosions of feelings that travel you through an adventure of sounds making you feel like you are part of a colorful digital futuristic world. The group is known to be full of surprises and blow your brains with original flavors of ideas and has been cooking up a bunch of new juices.