Behind The Music:AndrewAngelPart 2

Anderson Angel
Andrew Angel

His music represents his playful, romantic, sincere, sophisticatedly perverse yet principled personality…

Anderson Matos Ferreras, better known as Andrew Angel, is a Miami-based singer, songwriter, musician, and producer from a small town located in the south of the Dominican Republic. His music incorporates the elements of various genres of Latin music including Bachata, Reggaetón, Latin-pop, Dancehall, and R&B.  Angel describes his music as having a unique Caribbean sound with an element of romance.

After being a member of several Youth and school groups including “Urban Baladistas” and the tropical music group “Los Muchachos,” the 23-year old is now focused on his career as a solo artist.

Andrew started strong this year when he released his first promotional song “Si Nos Escapamos” in collaboration with Venezuelan artist, Eric Mestizo and written by producer Edgardo Lobo. With its pop-urban fusion, the track received a popular response from the Latino public as well as positive feedback from DJs.

Angel is currently working hard on his first solo album at the hands of well-known producers and engineers in Miami.  He plans on releasing the album track by track next year, starting with his new song “Candela” which Andrew considers to be by far the best project he has ever worked on. I had the opportunity to interview Andrew Angel to find out about his new music, his career as a solo artist, his creative process, and more. Here is his interview:


Can you describe your creative process?

I believe that the inspiration for my music is in any place, conversation, history, or even in my own imagination. What I mean is that as an artist, I do not have a pre-established process to make music. However, the process happens frequently, and almost whenever I start creating, it’s either with my guitar in hand or with a beat on my cell phone or my computer.  But in conclusion, the idea that awakens my inspiration is found in all places at any time.

“The idea that awakens my inspiration is found in all places at any time.” 

Where does the magic happen?

In the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the market, on the street, that is, everywhere it is difficult to describe where or how the magic comes to my head to start a new project, but wherever it arrives, I take advantage of it and catch that opportunity to re-create. As an artist, I consider that what excites me the most is being able to bring feelings and emotions to the surface and then transmit them to the world.  It is the ability to make people feel joy or melancholy, happiness, or sadness through my voice, my songs, and my music.

You have been working on a new album that you are planning on releasing song by song next year. Can you tell me more about that?

Yes, I am currently working hand in hand with great people, @edgardolobo29 & @ericmestizo. They have joined my musical project, we are all working on our individual careers and building our own record label @brotherwolfrecords. Our first collaboration under Brother Wolf Records label is If We Escape, which is already on YouTube and all digital platforms.

To answer your question more specifically, next year I’m planning on launching several songs that I have worked hard on in the past months. I’m hoping that people will enjoy them and make them part of their day-to-day life. I haven’t set a release date, because I want to be able to work on them and make each song the best quality possible.


“As an artist, what excites me the most is being able to bring feelings and emotions to the surface and then transmit them to the world.”

Where is the inspiration for your new music coming from?
Personal situations such as love breaks, love, personal anecdotes, rejections. Generally, my songs are inspired by my own personal experiences and it’s as if each song has a part of my story.

How has the quarantine affected the new music you are making?

Too much. A lot, many of the activities that we had scheduled have been paused due to COVID. We are just starting again, much more slowly than usual but I do not lose faith. I think that despite everything thats been going on with my team, we have put our energy and efforts into working on other elements that are also important for any artist.

Are there any songs you are particularly excited about releasing?

CANDELA, that’s the title that probably excites me the most to release because it’s a combination of me: sensuality, passion, energy, romance, and dance.  The track is mixed with Turkish and Brazilian sounds in order to try and provide something refreshing to a world where it is almost all the same, and originality is rarely seen today.

You were a member of several Youth and School Groups such as “Urban Baladistas” and the tropical music group “Los Muchachos”. How is it like having a solo career, and how is it different from being in a group? Do you have a preference? What are the pros and cons?

Well, I think that the main aspect of being a soloist is that I have a very rigid, perfectionist, and demanding way of working. This was difficult for the people I used to work with to understand. I definitely consider that when accompanied we go far in life, but I also think that it is better to go alone than in with bad company.  Obviously being a soloist demands more work and more from me as an artist, however, I’m always in constant evolution to learn, collaborate in order to grow as an artist, partner, and as a person.

In your last interview with Tropicult, you mentioned you can play the guitar. Do you know how to play other instruments? If yes which ones, and what is your favorite? When did you learn the guitar?

Yes, I love playing the guitar, it is a family tradition and it is the instrument that I love the most. I play a little piano but I don’t consider myself a pianist.  I think my weakness is the guitar.  And well, I learned to play on my own, through YouTube tutorials, books, etc. I have been playing guitar for about 12 years.

What is the most challenging part of what you do?

Building a musical career from scratch, with my own hands, is perhaps the most difficult thing I have done in my 23 years.  All the closed doors, all the rejections, all the adversities and ridicules because it is difficult to be an artist in a world that forces you to fit in, to be like others, not to choose to be different.  The most difficult thing is to get up every morning and say “Here I go one more time to work hard for my dreams.”

Aside from music, what other hobbies do you have?

Well, I really enjoy drawing, that is one of the first activities that I have enjoyed the most since my childhood, I also love to read, I like running, I love nature. I usually go to walk-in open places with many trees and lakes. I enjoy cooking a lot because it is therapeutic for me. I love to dance, I love to put music on and dance like crazy, either alone or with some company, and I like to watch movies preferably comedies and romantics.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Oh, what a great question. There have been many, I always accept advice and good criticism, perhaps I could say that it is the advice and teaching from my mother when I was a child she used to say “If you are going to do something, do it well or don’t do it”.  I believe that advice has been tattooed in all aspects of my life today, perhaps that is why I am a perfectionist and very disciplined in my projects.  In short, there are many more from my father, teachers, mentors but that advice from my mother fits me perfectly.

Want more of Andrew? Check out Andrew Angel’s latest single: “El Tiempo Pasa” with Eric Mestizo, follow him on Spotify and connect with him on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, or Tiktok.