SCOPE art fair is a premier showcase for international emerging contemporary art presented alongside museum-quality programming, collector tours, screenings, and special events.

Each year, SCOPE partners with local and international cultural organizations to feature film, music, installation and performance art. This year the fair will feature Christopher Baker’s installation, Hello World!, inspired by the fundamental human desire to be heard through a multi-channel sound composition that  glides between individuals and the group, allowing viewers to listen in on unique speakers or become immersed in the cacophony.

Hello World! is a large-scale audio visual panoramic installation comprised of over 5000 video diaries gathered from MySpace, YouTube, and Facebook consisting of a single speaker candidly addressing an imagined, potentially massive audience from a private space such as a bedroom, kitchen, or dorm room. Viewers are encouraged to dwell in the space.

The fair will also feature, Stuck-Up, curated by DB Burkeman, exposes an unparalleled history of alternative and popular culture through stickers. Anonymous stickers peeled from the streets of NYC have been curated & arranged into themes, thus creating entirely new pieces to display for the show. The exhibition will also spotlight certain “celebrity” artists, not necessarily known for stickers such as Damian Hirst, Tom Sachs, Invader, and Banksy. Some artists have even loaned personal items and artifacts to the show that have been adorned with years of stickering. These items range from the small and personal (notebooks) to the large and brash (refrigerators and cars).

The tour follows the format of the book, Stickers, celebrating the graphics of this street-art medium with an expansive inclusion of cultures and art forms that illustrate a timeline of this pastime. From Warhol’s Banana for the Velvet Underground in 1966 to Banksy’s parody road signs stickers in 2010, Scope ranges from counterculture to politics, solidifying the visual and social history of sticker art and  demonstrating the personal relationship that street artists and pedestrians alike.

Equally if no more intriguing is the unveiling of the exhibition featuring a selection of the nearly forgotten images of  Kennedy of Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana, by art photographer, William John. After almost half a century in storage, they are now published for the first time as a collection,  Before They Were Famous  The exhibition documents a 1960s zeitgeist, capturing the two artists and their soon-to-be iconic works at the seminal point of their careers and the birth of the Pop Art Movement providing the audience with a glimpse of the moment in time where works such as Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe and Indiana’s LOVE .

In conjunction with the exhibition,  Full Circle: Before They Were Famous, a short documentary film starring William John Kennedy, Robert Indiana, Ultra Violet, Taylor Mead and others, will screen at O Cinema in Wynwood. The film chronicles the journey of Kennedy’s images as they were brought to public view.

microScope: Artwork

This year’s Miami edition of the fair  will present 80 international galleries upholding SCOPE’s tradition of solo and thematic group shows.

Selection of artworks:

November 30 – December 3, 11am – 7pm | Sunday, Dececember 4, 11am – 6pm

SCOPE Pavilion NE 1st Ave and NE 30th St Miami, FL 33127