Fountain Art Fair

From depths of the independent Williamsburg art scene returns Fountain Art Fair, providing the essential leverage support for smaller independent galleries to gain access to larger collectors and critics, representing over 20 international avant-garde galleries and projects.

Exhibitor Picks

Aleve Mei Loh

This series takes all the ingredients of a painting (paint, linen canvas, and stretcher bars) and pushes their limitations by literally crushing the tradition, transforming the 2-D painting into a powerful representation of multidimensional space.

Cheap & Plastic 

In a humbling ode to our brief existence in the present moment with no regard for legacy, Artist Nathan Wasserbauer explores the passage of time beyond our current lifespan and what our effect we might leave on our world long after we have gone.

Heather Morgan believes that desperate times call for decadent measures. In her work, women  kick up their heels in celebration of life as they contemplate death, aware of the tragic absurdity of the situation.

Evo Love

Evo Love’s use of original heirlooms, antiques and collectibles create a type of symbolic time capsule telling a story about breaking boundaries between language, race, class, and culture.

Front Room

Front Room will exhibit photography, drawing, and conceptual art by artists whose work is innovative in practice and concept and challenge social perceptions bridging context to the familiar.


Motivated by the idea of inspiring people, the street artist known as Gilf! focuses on creating positive change by creating art that provokes thoughtfulness and donating a portion of each sale to a charity specific to that image when applicable.

Microscope Gallery

Microscope Gallery is exhibiting film, video, sound, paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations, new technology, and other innovative mediums by time-based artists that emphasize the underground or avant garde through radical forward thinking disregarding current trends and presenting an independent vision.

Mighty Tanaka

Mighty Tanaka, an organization committed to the advancement of breakthrough art forms that express our generation’s voice and steadfastness, will be exhibiting artists that demonstrate the range and breadth of our upstart generation and clear the way for an artistic renaissance beyond the gallery walls and into our personal lives.

Murder Lounge

Murder Lounge is an underground art collaboration consisting of artists that work in many different mediums and techniques to bring beauty and truth from the darkness and give light to the creative spirit of mankind.

Ryan Cronin

Ryan Cronin’s artwork aims to provide the viewer with an experience, a new perception, insight, and above all, something to think about or remark upon later.

Susan Radau

With “Leaving Behind Holes In The Nothingness,” Susan Radau examines the effects of popular culture as depicted by celebrity and the corruption of ethics through excessive consumption and vanity through mixed-media paintings and collages framed in metal.

The Marketplace Gallery

The Marketplace Gallery showcases visual and performance artists providing an experience through an eclectic and powerful mix of every range of art with a social goal: Bring Art to the People.


We-Are-Familia is an extensive global network of artist from all disciplines whose work explores powerful, complex ties that consciously or not, touch all that we experience as humans.

Street Art 

Additionally, the fair will feature street art installations by various artists.


Other exhibitors include: Art For Progress, Francesca Arcilesi, Karen Jones, Kesting / Ray, Lambert Fine Arts, Lindsay Carron, Marianne Nems Gallery, Sarah Trouche, Solo(s) Project House, Terrence, The Feminist Art Project, Working Method Contemporary, and Yes Gallery.

Fountain Art Fair
December 1 – December 4, 12pm – 7pm
2505 N. Miami Ave.
Miami, FL