Street Art Fashion Bust: Hermès Midtown

By Natalie Selig

It appears to be rather blatant that Hermès is targeting a new set of consumers. In late 2012/ early 2013, the label’s flagship store will displace itself from Bal Harbour Shops to Miami’s Midtown/ Design District.

Not to knock the high couture label, originally geared toward the elite equestrian set, but carrying a $15K Birkin bag during one of the worst recessions since the Great Depression is a bit in poor taste.

It would be more than wise that when making such luxurious purchases, a tenacious security team should be legally mandated to escort you to your car, bus, bicycle, etc.  Or bitch, you might get jacked. Really, people?

I love fashion, but the most I could afford at the store would be a fucking belt; On a really, really good day.

I would need a really nice Sugar Daddy to make a shopping spree at this store a reality… any takers? *wink*

Why is Hermès trying to gain the street credibility it never had? Thoughts?