Giants in the City

Giants in the City, created by Alejandro Mendoza for Art in Public Places, are contemporary and universal.  Since 2008, this traveling exhibit  has demonstrated the need for art in public places and established a relationship between the artists and society.

The Giants are a large-scale, 3-D contemporary visual art experience where sculptures are placed so that the visiting public can interact with one another. These intelligent sculptures, live and feed off the city’s air, resembling a colossal paradigm of an urban nomad. They tell the story of humanity, the greatness and fragility of humankind.

Giants in the City is the result of artist and curator, Alejandro Mendoza’s desire and necessity to express his work into a giant scale and to give art accessibility to a massive interaction in all sectors within the community. Since 2008, he has become an important contributor to the community as an Art in Public Spaces supporter, bringing to the Magic City the overwhelming explosive monumental sculptures.

“Creating is the most ‘Bestial’ process of my conclusions. Creating is the experience of being constantly unsatisfied. When this happens, I should re-do and lie to myself again.”