Music Basel:He's My Brother She's My Sister

Inspired by regional musical influences, as well as their own relationships with one another, six siblings come together to create a sound they describe as a mix of folk, glam, and western swing.

Heʼs My Brother Sheʼs My Sister, from Echo Park, Los Angeles, is composed of unique theatrical lineup including tap dancer and full-body percussionist, Lauren Brown, and upright bassist, Oliver Newell. Satya Bhabha rocks out with an unconventional cello with Aaron Robinson on slide guitar and kick drum. Led by  the lovely Rachel’s vocals and tambourine and Rob Kolar’s vocals and guitar. They are quite a bunch. You’ve gotta see for yourself…

Their latest single, Escape Tonight (May 2011) is about escaping your ego and self doubt, the fear we place on ourselves and how it waits and strikes upon us at moments of release and bliss.


The band just finished recording our first full-length album scheduled for release in Spring 2012 and paid for the entire record themselves, no record company involved without compromise and used all of their resources to do so. That my friends is artistic integrity! They are asking for your pledges so they can keep it going and have put together some exclusive offers so that almost anyone can afford to help out at some level. Everyone who pledges will automatically get a download of the album as soon as it is mixed and mastered and before it is released to the public.


Coming to The Vagabond on December 3rd to surely please the avant-garde Art Basel crowd with their Flamboyant Folk, touch of Glam-a-billy, some Circus Rock, a bit of Vaudeville Pop, and a pinch of Cabaret Blues. Warming up the band will be Miami’s own singer/songwriter ambassadors, Raffa and Rainer. In the Bar Room, NYC’s Jonathan Toubin will join C-Stone (aka Vagabond owner Carmel Ophir) for a Rock n’ Soul Freakout Tag-Team Set!

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