Graffiti Gone Global

Graffiti Goes 3D

Graffiti Gone Global (GGG) announces its fifth consecutive exhibition of urban contemporary art and design, featuring Marc Fornes, Volkan Alkanoglu, Billi Kid and other prominent street and graffiti artists, architects and designers.

Marc Fornes

At the center of the 2011 GGG show is French architect, Marc Fornes, who will unveil Labrys Frisae – a conceptual, non-linear structure reminiscent of three-dimensional graffiti. Labrys Frisae will be the largest installation in Fornes oeuvre to date.

In the months leading up to show, Fornes will face the intricate task of bringing his work to life, through assembling – by hand – more than 80 nodes, 12,000 unique parts and 100,000 connectors. Once completed,‘Labrys Frisae will span 30 feet on each side and rise 16 feet above the floor, utterly transforming Midtown’s glass Rotunda space.

Volkan Alkanoglu

Designer and architect, Volkan Alkanoglu, will present his latest design, ‘Public Figure,’ a sleek, geometric, albeit abstract, bench-like structure made from sustainable materials –opaque, high-density polyethylene and measuring 10ft on each side and reaching 18 inches from the floor.

Originally from Turkey, Alkanoglu is renown for his work in art, architecture and design for his research in, and application of, progressive techniques in the fabrication of his work.

Eames Inspiration Collection

Additionally, GGG will display its permanent collection, the “Eames Inspiration,” – an assemblage of Molded Plywood Chairs as re-imagined by some of the most celebrated street and graffti artists.

“Eames Inspiration,” originally featured in Barneys, New York, is an iconic assemblage of classic furniture with street appeal and the court floor customized by artists remind us of the dynamic nature of urban design, which can take life in a myriad of mediums that extend beyond the purview of the street.

Art of Basketball

Bringing this year’s exhibit full circle are the creative collections designed by street and graffiti artists under the vision of curator and artist Billi Kid. This year, Kid will showcase his most recent project, “The Art of Basketball” by Public Works Department featuring sections of the NBA All Star Game basketball court re-imagined by street artists, including Ewok One 5MH, David Cooper, Cope 2,Shiro, The Dude Company, Joe Iurato and Jack Aguirre.


December 1 – December 3,  11:00AM – 8:00PM
Sunday, December 4, 11:00AM – 4:00PM

The Rotunda Space
3252 NE 1St Avenue
Suite 101, Miami, FL 33137