SEVEN Art Fair

Seven, a pioneering collective project composed of seven galleries, looks beyond the art fair model to create a new platform for viewing and acquiring works of art through a collaborative exhibition-like presentation of galleries and artists. Inspired by the prevailing need for a more intimate, personal way to engage visitors, Seven creates an environment where artworks are experienced in a curated context and interested parties can have a substantial, quality interaction with the dealers.

Early Bird BBQ

Seven opens to the public at 1:00 pm on Tuesday, November 29, 2011 for a look at this year’s exhibition, food, and drinks in the outdoor sculpture garden.

Healing Pool

New this year are an outdoor installation space is a large, interactive floor projection by Brian Knep. Healing Pool, is an interactive video installation created with computers, six video projectors, three video cameras, custom software, vinyl floor use ustom algorithms to a glowing pool of organic patterns on the floor.

Left alone, the patterns slowly pulsate and shift over the course of each day. When a person walks across the piece the patterns tear apart and rebuild themselves, but never exactly as before.The pool holds a history, or memory, of all the interactions that have occurred since the piece was first turned on.


Pierogi Gallery, Hales Gallery, Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, BravinLee programs, Postmasters Gallery, P·P·O·W, Winkleman Gallery.

November 30 – December 4, 11am to 7pm

2637 North Miami Ave at NE 27th Street