The journey of Florida’sBiggest Battle League:Art of War

What is the art of war? How was it created?

The Art of War is South Florida’s premier stage for battle rap and hip-hop competition. I had won the live large competition, sponsored by Ludacris. I used most of my winnings as capital to throw the first events we had. We went from holding events in North Miami Beach to now being regarded as MIAMI’S MAIN STAGE and the most respected platform in South Florida.

Who are the founders? What are their backgrounds?

I (LMS) founded the Art of War. I had been rapping and battling for several years before then. Hindu Rock joined forces with me the next year and helped us progress even further. As the years progressed, Knowledge Medina and Acey joined the team as staff. Now we have our latest members June Pz, GK Floreal, and Don Dollaz. A battle rap company founded by a battle rap and run by battlers. I Couldn’t ask for anything better.

How many years have you been doing this?

We have been organising events and running a league for nearly 7 years now.

When did you become the biggest battle league in South Florida?

Definitely at the time of Miami Mayhem 1. Angel Oquendo (RIP) had founded the Bar Exams in Orlando reached out to us with the idea of throwing a combined event with exciting battlers from all over Florida. That event was the beginning of the shift in attention towards AOW in South Florida when it comes to battle rap.

Who is your current champion? For how long? Who is he battling this weekend?

Our current champion is HINDU ROCK. He won the last title tournament we had. After our Redemption event, we will be having another tournament to crown a new champion.

Why should someone who has never been to a hip-hop battle event attend?

The entertainment of not knowing what to expect. Watching people have incredible performances that shake the room, hearing amazingly creative punchlines that leave you in awe, and not to mention the hospitality of everyone at AOW, from the staff to the battlers. It’s simply a good time being thrown by good people. People have this idea that battle rap events have a scary vibe and tension to them. You’d be surprised how nice of a culture we’ve established at our events.

Tell us about your biggest event so far happening on March 17 & 18th.
The name of the event is REDEMPTION. It’s a 2-day event featuring some of the biggest names in Florida against some of the biggest names in battle rap from across the country.
The event starts at 7 pm sharpIt’s not the only redemption for south Florida’s hip-hop and battle rap scene, it’s in many ways redemption for Florida, given our fall from our once prominent position in Battle rap. We want to show that we still have talent that can compete with the best in the nation.


What are your future plans for the art of war? What do you see for its future?

Expansion into all aspects of hip-hop and hip-hop competition. AND helping to get a home for Catalyst, the vision of a great man named Joel Stigale. Without him, a lot of what we do couldn’t be possible. Say WORD.

What is this battle league doing for Miami’s hip-hop scene?

GIVING IT HOPE. Seriously, our story at AOW is that of perseverance and triumph. We’ve come from Miami’s streets. We’ve had to endure loss on all levels, fight through enormous obstacles, and be pushed to the breaking point. And we’ve made it through. We have weathered numerous storms and returned stronger than ever. And The city of Miami, the people of Miami, and the entire battle rap community, by and large, have followed our progress from day one. They know our story is genuine. And they are as proud of us doing it as they would be of themselves, cause at the end of the day it’s for all of us.